Windswept Gardens hosts indoor craft fair


BANGOR, Maine (WABI) – Over the weekend, Windswept Gardens welcomed the public to its Harvest Fest.

While the weather in November is traditionally awful.

Inside the greenhouse it was certainly delicious.

“And now we know why Frosty melted!” said saleswoman Laura Scott of the heat inside the greenhouse.

The warmth also resonated through the conversations between those present.

Some even share how they make their art with others.

“It’s amazing because I’m learning a new skill and a new art and something that I wasn’t aware of. And so it broadened my horizons as a creative person, so I appreciate that,” Scott added.

A ton of clothing, decorations and more were available for purchase.

Some handmade by sellers.

“I think it’s creativity and the fact that it comes from your soul into your heart,” said Leanne LeClair, who was selling her glass art to benefit Cali’s Paws for a Cause.

“You know, I like something that’s homemade that you know, someone else created from their inspiration wherever they got it from,” LeClair added.

Even though there is no snow on the ground yet, many have turned to the festival with the holidays in mind.

“They’ve been very excited about holiday shopping and they’re nice. They said they wanted to have things you can’t find in a local store. So they’re looking for handmade items that mean something to the person they’re gifting them to,” Scott said.

Although the warm temperatures will certainly fade soon, the dedication and passion of these artisans will remain.


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