Which fall activity you should try, based on your sun sign



We’ve talked a bit about the Moon sign in astrology and how it represents your emotional responses and intuition. The sun sign, on the other hand, means something very different. When you hear about your “zodiac sign” or your “astrological sign”, people are actually referring to your sun sign, the constellation near which the Sun was placed when you were born. So why do we often use the Sun to represent you in your birth chart? Well, a lot of people identify strongly with their sun sign because the Sun represents your identity, your sense of yourself, your self-expression, and your willpower. While these aspects of your life are not necessarily the deepest parts of you that make you who you are (for this we have to take ALL other celestial bodies into account), they are very good on the surface. -the level factors of how you present yourself in the world.

Another meaning of the Sun is play. Just like self-expression, play and fun are ways to embody your true nature in a light and public way alongside your friends and family. This is why looking at the sun sign is a great tool for deciding how to spend your free time!

With that in mind, here are some comfortable, fall-focused ways to pass the time this fall, based on your sun sign.


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Have a bonfire

The hot and fiery Aries will love a nice fall bonfire. Aries Suns are also known to like to sweat every now and then, so bonus points if the bonfire is preceded by physical activity, like chopping wood or raking leaves. Make the most of it with spicy fall cocktails and you’ve got an Aries-approved gathering.


Make a fall recipe

Taureans are often true gourmets, taking pleasure and joy in expressing themselves through delicious meals. So put on some fall tunes, light some fall candles, and pull out all your favorite ingredients to whip up delicious meals. We recommend that you start with this recipe. Or this recipe.


Have a stay

Gemini love to travel, but they don’t have to go abroad to reap its benefits. Geminis have a knack for seeing novelty everywhere, even just across town. Write down a list of things you’ve never done in your area … maybe you’ve never visited a particular park, tried a certain restaurant, or visited the local history museum. This fall, take a weekend to do it all. Your Gemini heart will thank us.


fall pumpkin picking activities

Gardening and harvesting

Cancers love to cultivate something from start to finish, watching their creations grow and prosper. That’s why many Cancers love to garden, build, and DIY – and fall is a great time to do all of the above. If you already have a garden, now is the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor and get it ready for next spring. Pick ripe tomatoes, prune your basil plants, and make a delicious salad with everything you’ve grown. You don’t have a green thumb yet? You can have a similar experience picking pumpkins at your local pumpkin patch.


DIY your Halloween costume

Creative, expressive and proud, Lions love to show off a breathtaking Halloween costume. This is the year to go ALL IN. Let your creativity run wild and create an outfit that will steal the show, just the way you like it.


Read a book in a cafe

Virgos are smart, down-to-earth, and always love a cozy fall day (their birthday kicks off fall, after all). Celebrate the season by settling into a bookstore with a PSL (or your fall coffee drink of your choice) and new reading that will turn pages. Bonus points if you can find a seat next to a fireplace.


fall apple picking activities

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Go pick apples

The sign of Libra is associated with beauty, and you know what else? Apples! Since Libras are known to be social butterflies, grab your best friend or SO and head to your local orchard for a day spent tasting fruit, holding hands, and taking in the beautiful scenery of fall.


Watch high horror

It’s no coincidence that Scorpio season includes Halloween … this time of year is archetypically dark, mystifying, and deep, just like Scorpio. Scorpios will love a good horror movie festival, but because they’re so introspective, they really need horror movies that make them THINK. Choose new classics like “Get Out”, “Hereditary” or “The Witch”.



Hey Sag, have you ever tried archery? Otherwise, you might just find that you like it more than you think. Obviously, fall is hunting season in many parts of the United States, but you don’t have to hunt to enjoy archery. Target training is on, my fiery friend!


fall activities

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Playing in the leaves

Capricorns can be serious people. They like to prepare, plan, and get the job done long term so they can reap all kinds of rewards later. In the fall, that means overwintering your house and raking the leaves so that you don’t run into problems in the winter. But since these aren’t really “leisure” activities, you might as well have a little fun! Play, frolic, make forts, and generally enjoy the leaves like you did when you were little (since Cap is also associated with the passage of time, this makes perfect sense).


Go on a ghost hunt

Aquarians enjoy group activities, especially rebellious or unconventional activities. And what could be more atypical than ghost hunting? Grab your team and get ready for an epic adventure, whether you visit your local haunted location or pick a random coordinate on Randonautica.


Listen to fall music and make art

Pisces, it’s time to tap into all of the eerie energy of fall. Since you can be very intuitive, you probably enjoy fun arts and crafts activities. Put on your favorite sweater-weather album and listen deeply as you paint, sculpt or knit.

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