Where to work remotely outside in Greenpoint



Ad hoc home offices have been popping up in small apartments since March 2020. And while many of us have found a sufficiently strong WFH WiFi signal in city parks and pop-up street cafes this summer , winter forced the home team work to look at the same four walls, all day every day.

With global warming, North Brooklyn offers several outdoor options for camping with our laptops for hours on end. Good tip, buy a cool drink regularly and maybe download a Zoom background that doesn’t look like you’re working in a bar in the middle of the day at those Greenpoint places for outdoor work.

Sweetleaf (159 Freeman Street)

The popular laptop spot is back with limited parasol-covered outdoor tables and a wonderfully strong cold brew. Wifi does not always work, but there are several networks at hand to connect …

Mom (80 Kent Street)

This chic French cafe has a cozy sidewalk and street-side seating, the latter covered in summery striped umbrellas. Wifi is available, as are a plethora of daily pastries, drinks, and coffee items like quiches and sandwiches. A limited number of indoor seats are also available. Open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Seating on Franklin Street at the Pencil Factory bar.

The pencil factory (142 Franklin Street)

Once filled with telecommuters and writers completing their last laptop work of the day during happy hour, the outdoor space of the Pencil Factory Bar offers similar vibes when it opens at 2 p.m. Sip a cold pint, munch on the required hot dog, and answer a few emails in the shade of the bar’s glass roof. The wifi is solid and the seats inside are also open.

Variety (142 Driggs Avenue)

On the edge of McGolrick Park, Variety’s curbside cafe extension (142 Driggs Ave.) offers ample space for remote social gatherings or solo laptop and time-consuming. Free Wi-Fi isn’t as strong on the street, so if you need to download files, bring a hotspot.

The kid (108 Franklin Street)

French cafe has always been a morning hub for freelancers, but a new shaded street area expands the space for sipping espresso and nibbling on a croissant while browsing the junkyard of morning emails.

Edy’s grocer (136 Meserole)

North Brooklyn’s very first Middle Eastern grocery and grocery store doubles as a corner coffeeshop with strong, cheap coffee ($ 2.50 for a large) and solid wifi. A coffee window ensures that you don’t even have to get up for a caffeine boost.

Cafe Alula (252 Franklin Street)

Walk to the window to order a halva latte and plenty of dips, before finding a seat at Cafe Alula’s colorful cafe. A full menu is available, should you want a working lunch, and portable heaters keep things toasty on windy days. A covered garden is also an option for seating, but be aware that WiFi is not provided.

Bagel tip (699 Manhattan Avenue)

A large heated outdoor structure creates a new kind of workspace, with fresh bagels, coffee, and cragels (that’s a croissant bagel). Make yourself comfortable and pre-order the unsold days on To Good To Go, and you’ll walk away with a gift bag of baked goods.

ACRE (64 avenue Meserole)

Born into the pandemic, this new Japanese cafe knows how to sit outside. Heated sidewalk, street, and garden seating (uncovered) are all available, with the latter offering spacious picnic tables for laptops and notebooks. Grab a coffee, matcha, or pastry at the front cafe, or treat yourself to a bento box for lunch. Wi-Fi is not available, so use your own hotspot or bring laptops to work here for deep creative focus.

Littleneck Outpost (128 Franklin Street)

Open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily, this corner coffeeshop serves breakfast and lunch to fill you up as you navigate your way through meetings and Google Docs thanks to the excellent outdoor tables and WiFi from Littleneck. Milton Street seating provides a semi-quiet space to take calls (assuming no motorcycle parade passes by) and Franklin Street seating is great for people watching while crossing your chores. to do list. Remember to refresh your drip or espresso if you claim a table for more than an hour.

Café Eleva (7 bells)

Located just steps from the water, Eleva is a great place for a mid-day getaway, especially if you can build in time to catch a breeze from the East River. The Wi-Fi signals are strong enough to reach outdoor tables, and the menu offers its own roasts for making espresso drinks, drops, and cold coffee.



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