Where to study on campus


Study locations can be found in every corner and building of Ohio’s large campus. Credit: Casey Cascaldo | Lantern Photo File

The state of Ohio is full of unique places for students to sit and study. With such a large campus, it can be difficult to find the right place. However, The Lantern has provided a list of places that might become places for you.

North Campus:

Thompson Library 1858 Neil Avenue Mall – The Thompson Library is one of the most popular places to study in Ohio State. Located near the center of campus, the library offers many study spaces that meet the needs of every student. With quiet areas, such as the Great Reading Room, Thompson becomes a popular study spot for students.

The ovalLocated in the heart of campus, The Oval is one of Ohio State’s most iconic places — and a great place to study. Students can tie a hammock on a Buckeye tree, spread out on the blanket, take a seat on a bench, or claim a chair and table along the perimeter of the grass.

loop market 80 W. Woodruff Ave. — Curl Market is one of the many restaurants on campus, but it can also serve as a great study spot. Curl Market’s upstairs dining room is usually quiet and uncrowded, and with floor-to-ceiling windows, it’s an ideal space for students who like natural light.

Knowlton Hall 275 W. Woodruff Avenue — Knowlton Hall has some great places to study, including the architecture library on the top floor. The library was selected by the American Institute of Architects and American Library Association for an AIA/ALA Building Award, which recognizes the best examples of library design by licensed architects in the United States. Knowlton Hall also has green spaces that are great places for outdoor study, including the South Cutout Garden, the Bosque, and the Roof Garden.

18th Avenue Library175 W. 18th Avenue – the 18th Avenue Library is one of the main libraries on campus. In addition to many places to study, the 18th Avenue Library has computers for public use on the ground floor and research rooms on the third floor. This library is open 24 hours Monday through Thursday, making it a great place for late-night study sessions.

South Campus:

Ohio Union —1739 N. High St. —The Ohio Union is a hub for student activity. From the lower level lounge to the Stanley D. Gottsegen Study Lounge on the third floor, any student can find a study space to suit them. With its bustling atmosphere, Ohio Union is a great place for students who prefer a bit of background noise while studying.

Orton Room located on the Ring – Orton Hall is home to the geology library and museum. The Geology Library is the oldest library on campus and is usually not too busy. Students can study surrounded by artwork depicting geologically themed people and places. The Orton Hall Geology Library is a unique and quiet place for students.

Browning Amphitheater —12th Avenue West — The Browning Amphitheater is an outdoor performance space with a concrete stage and electric lighting. When the space is not in use for performances, many students will use its steps for studying. The amphitheater is a great place to study in the warmer months, as students have a view of Mirror Lake while they work.

Fine Arts Library — 1871 N. High St. — The Fine Arts Library is located in the Wexner Center for the Arts. Open to all, the library offers over 150,000 volumes of arts-related materials from around the world. The Fine Arts Library is a great study space, and the art it contains can serve as inspiration for students who need it.

Mirror Lake Located just off the South Oval, Mirror Lake is a popular place to study during the warmer months. Once fed by a natural spring, the lake is an important part of Ohio state history. There are plenty of places for students to sit and enjoy the view as they work, including benches, chairs, and tables.

West Campus:

Buckeye Grove Buckeye Grove, located outside Ohio Stadium near Morrill Tower, is a tree-lined memorial honoring Ohio State’s American football players. If students want to study abroad on West Campus, this is one of the best places to do so.

CCPR337 Annie and John Glenn Avenue — The PRPP is one of the fitness centers on campus, but it also contains several places to study. If students like to spread out while they study, they can use its amphitheater stairs. For more traditional workplaces, students can check out the PRPP Members’ Lounge on the second floor.

The Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Library 2120 Fyffe Road — For West Campus students, the Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Library is a great workspace. Located on the ground floor of the Agricultural Administration Building, this library has plenty of tables and several window seats where students can enjoy natural light while studying.


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