What you need to know about growing a tea garden


A tea garden, according to The New York Times, is a garden dedicated to growing essential plants like herbs and flowers that you can then use to make your own tea. It’s the perfect hobby to take up if you’re looking to garden more and enjoy drinking tea, but first you’ll want to know what herbs and flowers to add to your collection. According to Fine Gardening, any good tea garden will include Roman chamomile, a flower that has a strong apple scent, perfect for steeping chamomile tea. Peppermint, lemon thyme, and lemon balm are among the other herbs they list as great additions to any tea garden.

As much as we love herbs, you might be happy to know that your selection isn’t limited to them. The fun of growing a tea garden is that you can plant anything you want to flavor your tea, and the sky’s the limit when it comes to the plants you can choose to add character to your next cup. You are more than welcome to add aromatic and colorful flowers to brighten the look of your tea garden as well as your brew (via Tea Time Magazine.) hibiscus, honeysuckle flowers without the poisonous berries, roses and violets. Remember, tea could be the secret to the health benefits, so try blending your favorite herbs and flowers together to create a tea blend you love.


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