Weight Loss: Michael Mosley discusses the benefits of alcohol detox to help with weight loss



Dr. Michael Mosley is always interested in scientific research and finding the best ways to improve overall health – inside and out. In a previous study, he teamed up with Professor Rajiv Jalan to see what happens when alcohol is not consumed for a month. In addition to discussing the benefits, the creator of the Fast 800 explained how alcohol can impact a person’s weight and what to do if they want to lose a few pounds this fall.

Alcohol is high in calories and carbohydrates

Alcohol isn’t the only reason for weight gain, but sugar, carbohydrates, and the calories that come with it can help.

One drink can add 200 calories of energy to your day, along with the extra food choices you make.

Dr Michael says: “As alcohol is high in calories, with little nutritional value, we recommend that you avoid it completely on fasting days.

“Instead, opt for water, tea, or one of our spritzer drinks, giving you the refreshing feeling of having a little more.”

Excess alcohol can lead to poor food choices

After a night of drinking, many experience disinhibition – doing something on the spur of the moment without thinking about the outcome.

The desire for food occurs because there are two levels of hormones that increase as a result of alcohol consumption; leptin and ghrelin.

Leptin reduces hunger while ghrelin increases it.

When you drink alcohol, leptin levels are clogged, while ghrelin levels are high, which increases your appetite.

These levels remain unbalanced the next day, resulting in overeating in the event of a hangover.

Dr Michael added: “In addition, alcohol triggers the release of the chemical galanin.

“This, in turn, makes the brain crave more alcohol and fat.

It’s no accident that you find yourself searching for fatty and salty foods, as opposed to a fresh salad, after a drunken night out.

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Alcohol can interfere with sleep

REM sleep is the stage in which you process emotions and memories, which has a huge impact on your mood.

Alcohol can disrupt REM sleep which in turn can lead to anxiety the next day.

For many, alcohol is a coping mechanism to reduce feelings of anxiety, however, science tells us that it actually causes much more harm than good.

You can get caught in a vicious cycle where you drink because you are anxious, stressed or unhappy and then the alcohol makes it worse, ”Dr Michael said. “It’s really important to cut back if you can. “

Alcohol can make you fat

Researchers at King’s College London found that, on average, those who lack sleep consume an additional 385 calories per day.

Additionally, feelings of anxiety and depression are known to stimulate the urge for emotional nourishment.

When Dr Michael and Professor Rajiv Jalan started an experiment to see which health improved the most – those who regularly drink small units of alcohol versus heavy drinkers, the results were interesting.

An excerpt from the BBC documentary revealed: “In just four weeks, all of our volunteers, even light drinkers, have seen a significant improvement in their health,” said Dr Michael.

One volunteer explained: “I was really aware of how well I was feeling during this month that I was not drinking.

“I feel revitalized, I’m still losing weight and just love the way I feel,” added another.

A third commented: “Definitely improved my sleep. ”

Professor Rajiv remarked: “If it was a drug – giving up alcohol for a month was a drug – that drug would be worth billions of dollars.

Alcoholism is a serious illness and if you are concerned about your own health it is important to discuss this with your GP.

Non-alcoholic pomegranate cocktail

Looking to change up an alcoholic drink or two? The Fast 800 has the perfect non-alcoholic cocktail to complement party drinks.

Per 1, 41 calories per serving, five minutes prep time.


half an orange

One pomegranate, seeds only

250 ml of sparkling water


1. Squeeze a little juice from half an orange into a tall glass of festive ice.

2. Cut the orange into slices and add the slices to the glass with the sparkling water.

3. Add the pomegranate seeds to your non-alcoholic cocktail.

4. Fill with ice cubes and enjoy!



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