Volunteers needed for Rain Garden Work Party


The Town of Oyster Bay is looking for volunteers to help with the “spring cleaning” of the town’s rain gardens, which are a vital part of the town’s pollution prevention strategy. During the Rain Garden Work Party on Saturday, June 4 from 9am-12pm at the Western Waterfront in Oyster Bay, volunteers are needed to assist with weeding, raking, pruning, mulching and transplanting rain gardens existing ones, while learning about the environmental benefits these structures offer.

“A rain garden is a collection of native plants placed in a small depression to temporarily retain runoff from roofs, walkways, patios or lawns. They have many environmental benefits, such as filtering out pollutants, reducing flooding, and providing food and habitats for wildlife,” said Councilwoman Vicki Walsh. “However, they need to be maintained regularly to ensure healthy soil, healthy plants and a healthy community, which is why we are looking for volunteers to ‘spring clean’ our three existing rain gardens at the Western Waterfront in Oyster Bay.”

Volunteers are needed at the Rain Garden Work Party on Saturday, June 4 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Western Waterfront, located at 1 West End Ave, Oyster Bay. The event will be held in partnership with Friends of the Bay and the Nassau County Soil and Water Conservation District, as these groups worked with the City of Oyster Bay to design and build the gardens. A Rain Garden Planting Party will also be held in September.

“From helping to capture runoff so it doesn’t pollute our waterways to preventing mosquitoes from breeding, rain gardens have a tremendously positive impact on our environment and the quality of the water. We hope to see you on June 4the at the Western Waterfront to help maintain these gardens,” concluded Councilor Walsh.

For more information on the Rain Garden Pollution Prevention Initiative or the Rain Garden Task Force, please call the City of Oyster Bay Department of Environmental Resources at (516) 677-5730 or email [email protected]


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