Umbrella Academy Season 3 Cleverly References Indiana Jones


The Umbrella Academy returns with its unique blend of intricate plots, multiple narratives, and mind-blowing dance sequences, even managing to make a delightful reference to everyone’s favorite archaeologist, Indiana Jones. Netflix’s triumphant return with Season 3 of the time-traveling superhero franchise promises storytelling that’s as rich and layered as ever.

Season 3 follows the continuing adventures of the reluctant superhero siblings, once again united to save the universe. After saving the world in the 1960s, the gang has traveled to the present day, where a rival set of superpowered siblings, The Sparrows, have seemingly taken their place. This drives fan favorite Klaus (Robert Sheehan) to investigate their family history and search for his birth mother in this alternate future.

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The second episode of The Umbrella AcademyThe final season of sees Klaus begin his exploration of his family, culminating in a charming reference to IndianaJones. While his investigation leads to a small Amish community living in the countryside, Klaus’ swagger and charm are not so well received. As his brother, Number 5, waits by their car, Klaus is seen running down the hill, chased by an angry mob of Amish villagers wielding an array of violent-looking farm implements. As he flees, Klaus can be heard shouting over the playful score: “Start the car! Five! Start the car!”

This is a reference to the classic Steven Spielberg adventure movie, The Raiders of the Lost Ark. One of the greatest opening scenes of all time sees Indiana Jones fleeing the Peruvian jungle. He is relieved at the artifact he so heroically discovered in an ancient tomb by a rival treasure hunter. Chased by a faction of Hovitos warriors armed with blowguns, spears and arrows, Indy shouts to his fellow pilot, “Jock, start the engines!” Arriving just in time, Indiana safely boards the plane as the Hovitos spears bombard the escaping duo. The revelation of the Hovitos warriors, behind the hill Indy is fleeing from, is reflected beautifully in the revelation of the garden tool wielding Amish pursuing Klaus.

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This brilliant pastiche manages to reframe the somewhat ineffectual, albeit beloved, Klaus. Despite his previous attempts to contribute to his family’s superhero agenda, Klaus is often seen as unable to deliver on his promises. Aligning him with cinema’s greatest adventurer, Klaus is cast as a true hero, meaning this season could finally see him progress. Additionally, Klaus’ hunt for a house impersonated by rival Sparrows parallels Indiana’s loss of his artifact to his rival. It also suggests that Klaus’ quest for answers is akin to the ancient relics and treasures of Indiana Jones, which so cruelly eludes him.

Klaus may be considered the least reliable of his fellow members of The Umbrella Academy, but this homage to one of Steven Spielberg’s greatest cinematic works suggests that, like Indiana Jones, behind the slightly groping facade lies a true hero to the search for real treasure. . As the series progresses, Klaus’ character development will continue to captivate audiences who, unlike the Amish, will continue to be charmed by his enigmatic portrayal.

Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy is now streaming on Netflix.


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