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The University of Georgia hosts a variety of events each semester, but many are overlooked or unsupervised. With classes resuming and students settling into their routines, it can be easy to miss experiences that can be interesting and fun.

The Red & Black has compiled five often underrated events offered at UGA this semester that students may not have heard of.

Tate Movies

It may come as a surprise to some, but the Tate Student Center is home to a fully equipped movie theater with free screenings available to students throughout the school year.

Located near the Bulldog Café, University Union, UGA’s student programming council, hosts several movie screenings at the theater each month, usually Friday and Saturday nights. Students get free admission to every movie with their UGA ID and snacks and drinks are allowed, so there’s no need to bring a hoodie or oversized purse.

While these aren’t always blockbuster movies that you’ll find in other theaters, they’re usually relatively new. Some movies coming this semester are Spider-Man: No Way Home, The Black Phone, and Elvis.

Keep an eye out for movie posters and dates posted outside the theater or on University Union calendars around the Tate.

Yoga in the galleries

It turns out that the peaceful setting of an art gallery can be the perfect place to host a yoga class.

On the third Thursday evening of each month, the Georgia Museum of Art hosts Yoga in the Galleries. The series of events is part of Third Thursday, a collaboration between the Georgia Museum of Art, Lamar Dodd School of Art, and several other local art venues to showcase their exhibits.

Classes are free and sanitized mats are provided to each participant. The course is offered in person, but there is also a virtual option. People of all levels are welcome. In-person places can be reserved by emailing [email protected]

UGA presents

For those interested in music and theater, UGA Presents maintains a full schedule of events at the Performing Arts Center and Fine Arts Theater.

Offerings can range from dance performances and string quartets to gospel choirs and student ensemble concerts. Artists come from all over the world to perform at the PAC and students also regularly grace the stage.

Some shows to look forward to this semester include Kishi Bashi’s performance alongside the UGA Symphony Orchestra, the Harlem Quartet, and the holiday concert in December.

Many events held at PAC have special prices for students and reduced rates are available for professional shows. A full calendar of events can be found on the PAC website.

Sale of native plants

If you have a green thumb, check out the Georgia State Botanical Garden’s Native Plant Sale, where you can browse and purchase hundreds of different plant species native to Georgia.

From small plants to put on your desk to large garden pots, there is bound to be a plant for everyone. This year marks the 11th annual sale. The six-day event spans the second and third weekends in October. It’s being held at the Mimsie Lanier Center for Native Plant Studies at Garden Headquarters and will feature several plant experts to answer any questions you may have about your new plants.

Most of the plants on sale are grown in the garden, with the majority germinated from locally sourced seeds. More information and specific dates can be found on the Botanical Garden’s website.

Dawgs after dark

Hosted by University Union, Dawgs After Dark is a signature night held once a month at the Tate Student Center.

Each session has its own unique theme, the first of which is Disney Dawgs After Dark, which is scheduled for Friday, August 26 at the Tate Student Center. Each event will feature a variety of themed activities and giveaways, as well as snacks.

Events are free for current students upon presentation of their UGA ID. Check the University Union calendars online and on campus to find the dates of each session.


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