Top 7 Reasons to Brag About Fort Bragg


Located in North Carolina’s most military-friendly state, Fort Bragg has been tilted heavily in its favor. ft. Bragg is the largest military installation in the world – the WORLD – covering over 160,000 acres. In total, more than 260,000 call the base home, with more than 54,000 troops on active duty at any one time.

But Bragg is more than just a place to live when stationed in the area, it’s a great place to live. Take a look at why so many people flock to Fort Bragg and ask to be placed there time and time again.

1. Cape Fear

This incredible coastal landscape stretches for miles and miles along the North Carolina countryside. Part of the “Graveyard of the Atlantic”, where many boats are known to sink (hence the name, fear), it’s an area of ​​natural beauty and more. From hiking to boat trips along the Cape Fear River and a colorful botanical garden, residents and guests can find solace in this gift from Mother Nature.

Fort Bragg welcome sign on pole. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

2. Locals LOVE the military

The nearby town of Fayetteville is almost obsessed with servicemen and their families. The area is also known as “America’s premier sanctuary city for military families” and has been named the nation’s most patriotic city.

Sure, they go by the nickname Fayet-nam, but the locals ignore the name every chance they get…and instead choose to brag about their military population and what they bring to the area.

Top 7 Reasons to Brag About Fort Bragg
The location of Fort Bragg in North Carolina. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

3. Museums

Do you like history? Fort Bragg is home to plenty of great spots to spend the afternoon, whether you’re a kid on an excursion or looking for a way to keep your in-laws busy. The Fayetteville Area History and Transportation Museum, the Airborne and Special Operations Museum, and the Fascinate-U Children’s Museum, which is perfect for toddlers, all call the area home.

4. It’s great for traveling

Do you like moderate seasons? Easy access to airports? Amtrak? And golf? (They have two courtyards!) There are also two airfields, allowing for ample training space. Bragg is ideally located between the mountains and the beaches, giving you the best of all of the above. Even if you move in and hate it – which we highly doubt will happen – you can travel easily.

5. It’s a city with all amenities

You’ve all heard nightmarish stories of being parked at a post with stores miles away. (Perhaps you’ve even been parked there yourself.) In Bragg, that won’t be a problem. The base itself is a small town, with everything from food, restaurants, entertainment, schools, activities, and more. Residents will have access to everything they need, and even more, in quick proximity.

Top 7 Reasons to Brag About Fort Bragg
An aerial view of the 1st Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

6. There are amazing and authentic restaurants

Want to try a new favourite? Or a taste of home? Bragg and surrounding areas have you covered. Known as “conflict food,” AKA restaurants that sprung up after a major war, offer authentic dishes from virtually every culture. And you can try them all while you’re in North Carolina. (Don’t forget to leave comments so the rest of us can find the best stops.)

7. This is an ideal step for working spouses and non-profit organizations

Due to its size, Fort Bragg brings many resources to military spouses and anyone looking for military related resources. It is true that these programs are offered at all military posts, but since it is such a large post, Fort Bragg is known to offer more of these types of resources. This is definitely a plus for anyone heading into this position or considering a visit.

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