The hydroponic garden helps The Community Table feed Eau Claire


EAU CLAIRE, Wisconsin (WEAU) – The Eau Claire community table has adopted one of the latest gardening improvements. The new tool will allow the association to provide fresh products, while preserving water, energy and money. All thanks to a donation from a community partner.

For 28 years La Table Communautaire has been committed to fighting food insecurity in Eau Claire

“We serve between 50 and 100 people a day,” said Community Table executive producer TJ Atkins.

Director of operations Peter Raleigh said the nonprofit relied heavily on donations to feed its guests.

“Have always been dependent on the generosity of others,” said Raleigh.

Now, thanks to a special donation from the Marshfield Clinic, The Community Table has more control over what it puts on other people’s plates.

“A hydroponic garden is a self-contained garden, you don’t need soil, you don’t even need light, it’s all in the unit, there are bead lights that work on a schedule,” said Community Benefits Coordinator for Marshfield, JoAnna Bernklau says the hydroponic garden will allow The Community Table to harvest lettuce, spinach, fruit and more year round.

“We know that a number of people are food insecure and find it difficult to access food, let alone nutritious food… for life,” said Bernklau.

Raleigh says that at very little cost to the nonprofit, this garden should be able to provide fresh lettuce each day.

“This lettuce is absolutely fresh today, the lettuce given to us has already been on the shelves for three or four days, which we get, we have to throw away half of it. Here we don’t need to throw anything away, we just come here to pick the lettuce and it’s your lettuce for the day, ”said Raleigh.

Atkins says this garden fills a huge void.

“In the fall and winter these things become hard to come by where we can now grow our own and not worry about an expense, now we can use them for something else our customers might need,” Atkins said.

Allow the community table to continue to serve.

“We are here and we are there for everyone. I don’t care about your situation, ”Raleigh said.

And now, grow up for our neighbors.

This is not the first garden that Marshfield Clinic Health Systems has donated. Over the past two years, they have donated hydroponic gardens to several schools and community organizations in Barron and Rusk counties.

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