The Fall Butterfly event is scheduled for Thursday


October 13 – Funds raised by Friends of Honor Heights Park could reach Mexico.

Katherine Coburn, the park’s butterfly operations director, said some friends’ proceeds help pay for supplies to help track monarch butterflies. Monarchs sometimes stop at Honor Heights on their fall migration to Mexico, she said.

Friends of Honor Heights Park will be hosting a “Fall into the Papilion Garden” gathering from 4 pm to 6:30 pm Thursday at the Papilion. The event will feature information on membership in the organization, which raises funds for various park projects.

Friends of Honor Heights president Matt Abel said people can look forward to a family event.

“I hope we will have new members,” Abel said. “We’ve had some sort of loss of income since COVID. We’re trying to get money to be able to do things around the park.”

The event will feature cave painting and treat bags for young people. There will also be free popcorn and apple juice punch.

Kids can also go on a garden scavenger hunt, Coburn said.

“We can make spiders, we can make snakes, we can make owls,” she said. “No real spiders and snakes. These are fall nature things.”

Abel said adults can enjoy wine tasting in the Papilion.

“It’s a good time of day to go out in the garden,” Coburn said. “It’s just a gathering, a fall garden offering,” It’s not Halloweeny. “

Friends of Honor Heights helps fund events like the December Garden of Lights, as well as landscaping and other upgrades. Recent improvements included new sidewalks around a pond, he said.

Coburn said she used funds from Friends to track the monarch’s migration.

“It’s a good educational tool for our guests, to make them aware of what’s going on with the monarchs,” Coburn said. “In the gardening world, there are tendencies to use more native plants and things that are favorable to pollinators. “

Park horticulturist Tom Roberts said he catches butterflies in the park and records his findings on the educational website.

“You track and record the number and dates and whether it’s male or female,” he said, showing how he gently applies a small adhesive label to the monarch’s wing. .

“All of these butterflies end up in Mexico, hopefully,” said Roberts. “People there are looking for them and catching them, identifying the numbers, looking at the database and getting a sense of where they came from.”

Coburn said she used the proceeds from Friends of Honor Heights to purchase the butterfly tags. She said the proceeds also paid for the plantings in the raised flower beds at the Papilion.

“They cover half of our butterfly expenses,” she said.

If you are going to

WHAT: Fall into the Papilion Garden.

WHEN: 4-6:30 p.m. Thursday.

O: Papilion, Honor Heights Park.

Admission fee.


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