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Just like spending money on the soundtrack is the easiest way to make a great movie, watering green plants fast is the fastest way to make a beautiful living space special. .. Buying plants online may seem complicated, but the best online plant sellers pack and deliver science. And unless you have a great botanical store and greenhouse in your area, online botanical stores have the biggest and best selection of large and small houseplants that look great in your home or office. a momentary atmosphere.

With so many varieties available from online plant retailers, it’s guaranteed to brighten up corners, windows, and shelves, skipping the skimpy selections at major retailers and hardware stores. You can scan an endless virtual garden of potted plants, ferns, retail businesses, and flowers all over the room. When shopping for plants on the web, you can choose from common or exotic plants, mini cacti and succulents, hanging plants, air plants, and large houseplants that make the entire room safe. Better yet, the markets Popular online plants include: Bloomscape When Threshold Please provide specific plant care tips to help your new greens stay green. Most of these online plant retailers also carry a variety of great looking pots and planters to display the new, fresh green in a myriad of styles and colors.

Shopping at any of these online plant marketplaces makes it easy to find potted plants that are suitable for pets and safe for puppies and cats. And if your thumb isn’t as green as you might think, you can find plants that are nearly impossible to kill. Many sites offer easy-care sections filled with hardy plants of almost any size.

Beyond houseplants, we’ve found some solid buying options Larger outdoor plants In line including fruit trees, vines and shrubs for landscaping in case you are in summer ultimately Turn your garden into a natural paradise. Also, if you want to grow fresh herbs without touching a grain of soil, check out the CNET list. Best indoor pod garden in 2021..

I haven’t tried all of the plant delivery services on the list yet, but we called what we have. Beyond that, we made these choices based on the overall selection of specific services offered to help you find the best plant for your style and space and type of plant. ..

Whatever your green goals are, here are our picks for the best place to buy plants online in 2021.

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Flowery landscape

I grew up in a Chinese palm tree. I’m happy to report from Bloomscape that after 6 months he’s still healthy, green and my butt is booted.

Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor plants for your home or garden, there might not be a better choice than Bloomscape. Find plants that add a load of life and texture to any space such as date palm, birds of paradise, juicy varieties or their Fiddle-leaf Fig fashions. You can shop from categories like “easy to clean ‘and’ pet friendly ‘, and each comes with a clay pot and saucer, so you can use it immediately upon arrival. Free shipping on all orders over $ 75.

If you’re looking for a specific plant or want to browse the greenery and plants for hours on end, visit Online retailers have pages and pages of plants of all sizes and species, including ferns, bonsai, bamboo, cacti, succulents, air plants, hanging plants, soil plants, tropical trees and plants. Search by plant type, size, price, or visit’s wide selection. Plant gift.


Great gift alert!

Sill is another online botanical market with a huge selection of indoor and outdoor plants such as ferns, figs, vascular plant options, snake plant varieties, orchids, and succulents.

Sill also offers a subscription: NS Plants for Beginners The subscription will send you an easy-to-care houseplant each month that fits in a black, blush or mint pottery pot. There is even a subscription for parents of pets. safe for Fido and Garfield.

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Leaf & Clay

Succulents are as simple as plants and give you the charm of a small dessert without having to worry about daily or weekly watering. Leaf & Clay is an online succulent specialist with endless varieties of all shapes and sizes.


This online marketplace likes to think of itself as a vegan version of Amazon. PlantX has a large inventory of herbal products, including a variety of houseplants and succulents. Everything is reasonably priced, most watches cost less than $ 50, and some small plants cost as little as $ 6. The advantage of PlantX is that you can work on other items, such as ready-to-eat items. Vegetable food On order.

Leaf box

If you are trying to shape your garden, Leaf’d Box may be the easiest way to do it. My little box of vegetables appeared healthy on time and was ready to go into the ground.

At Garden Service, you order anything you want to grow, including vegetables, herbs, lettuce, and other produce. The gardener then grows them to the right size to plant for you and sends out boxes four times a year with plants that thrive in that season and in your climate.

All Plant Subscription Kits are available on our website and are priced at::

  • Herb garden (10 plants): $ 45 per season
  • Small vegetables (10 plants): $ 45 per season
  • Medium vegetables (30 plants): $ 90 per season
  • Veggie XL (60 plants): $ 180 per season

Natural hills

If you have a full-fledged gardening or landscaping plan, the Nature Hills Botanical Collection is a great place to start with flowering plants, potted plant options, and more. We have everything from houseplants to perennial flowers, trees, shrubs and vines. There are also fruit trees and plants here, including apples, citrus, nuclear fruit trees, and various berry shrubs.

Leon and Georges

If you are looking for a short Monstera deliciosa marquee Also braided money tree Try this San Francisco plant delivery service to secure the corners of your living room. Leon & George offers a wide selection of remarkable plants and modern and sophisticated pots to house them. Shipping costs vary depending on the size of the plant and provide a chic pot to actually show off the new plant.

Best subscriptions and online shopping tips

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