The 10 Best Garage Storage Systems of 2022


Best Garage Storage System for Sports Equipment: The Container Store Heavy Duty Sports Storage Rack

Who it’s for: Anyone with a lot of sports equipment (especially families with children who participate in activities).

For whom it is not: People who primarily need a storage system for holiday decorations, tools and bulky items.

If your kids’ favorite outdoor toys don’t have a designated home, they’ll just be thrown all over the place in the garage after they’re done playing outside. Fortunately, this storage rack from The Container Store with removable dividers can store a plethora of sports equipment. You won’t have to worry about stepping on discarded skateboards, scooters and balls because everything has a specific compartment on this rack. Even if you or your kids don’t play sports, this storage rack is also perfect for holding all your home gym essentials.

The top shelf accommodates smaller items like tennis or baseballs, hockey pucks, and mitts, while the large bottom basket is designed for larger items like basketballs, soccer balls, and balls. football, baseball bats, tennis rackets, yoga mats, etc. The storage unit also includes mesh baskets for miscellaneous items and four hooks on the sides to hang other sporting goods like clothes, hats, bags and towels. Plus, it’s made of steel and has a minimalist design that suits most styles.

Product details:

  • Cut: 30.25 x 16.25 x 42.5 inches
  • Weight capacity: 44-pound lower basket, 30-pound upper basket and 6.6 pounds per hook
  • Material: Steel with polypropylene liner

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