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SANDPOINT – Curious to learn more about herbs and wild crafts?

Cedar Mountain Herb School offers a combination of online and in-person classes for area residents who want to learn more about both.

Suzanne Tabert, founder of the school, is a bioregional herbalist and wild artisan. She has been teaching about plants, herbs and their habitats for almost 40 years and said she has a lifelong passion to learn and teach others about natural resources.

Cedar Mountain Herb School offers online and in-person labs on topics such as soap making, wild crafts, the basics of herb gardening, and more.

Northern Idaho is all about self-sufficiency, Tabert said. It can involve wild craftsmanship, which involves going out and harvesting plants. Tabert teaches wild crafts by taking students to spaces by the river, in the mountains, at the edge of other bodies of water, where they discover the natural habitats and plants of these regions.

“I teach them the habitats and the community of plants that grow there and we look at medicinal plants,” Tabert said. “I’m more science-based than anything else.”

She teaches plants, their constituents and what they do in the human body. As well as the best way to extract plants and preserve drugs or nutrients found. She also teaches biochemistry at walks from wild plants to herbal intensives for specific plants.

Cedar Mountain School has moved to an online format due to COVID-19. Tabert said she was saddened to physically close her school when the pandemic began, but the online format made her classes more accessible to a wider audience.

She reached out to colleges that offered correspondence courses online and was able to design detailed digital presentations. While this is not the same as being physically in the classroom or in nature, many students have taken the course more than once and the recorded nature of online courses allows students to review the course.

“There were many benefits to learning to teach online. […] people can be at home and feel safe, comfortable and possibly in their pajamas, ”Tabert said.

Plus, online education is convenient for repeat study, Tabert said she starts to itch to get students back into nature with students.

In addition to Tabert, Cedar Mountain Herb School also includes Heather Bruno and Sita Tocco. Bruno, who lives in the Seattle area, is available online and in person and focuses on herbal remedies and wild crafts. Sita Tocco is a Certified Ananda Meditation Teacher and Certified Ananda Yoga Teacher

Tabert said his classes attract a wide variety of clients. She took her course to many nurses, doctors and other health professionals to learn more about other types of drugs and for a more holistic approach. Many Tabert students continued to own their own herbal medicine businesses and learned about ways to stay healthy and their families healthy.

Stress and pain are two of the big things people talk about, Tabert said. And so she teaches herbal relief and lifestyle changes classes. She said herbs aren’t the answer to everything, but can help. She helps clients find out what their body needs by looking at their body as a whole.

There are times when she doesn’t even talk about plants, says Tabert. Sometimes she focuses on lifestyle and diet choices, water intake, use of technology.

“There is so much going on before we even get to the herbs,” she said.

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