Start of the collection of Missoula leaves



Fall leaf pickup is scheduled to begin in Missoula on Monday, November 1.

Work will begin in neighborhoods north of the Clark Fork River during the first week (Zone 1). These neighborhoods include Rattlesnake Valley and Grant Creek, as well as most of the downtown north side and the West Side and North Side areas. The crews then move to central Missoula, south of the river (zone 2) and throughout the city until November 26.

You can view the entire schedule and collection area online map here.

City officials note that the schedule begins in older neighborhoods with mature trees and the greatest volume of leaves, with the hope that teams can return to those neighborhoods at the end of the season if weather permits.

People who don’t want to wait until their collection date, miss their collection date, or whose trees lose more leaves after their collection date can bring their leaves to Garden City Compost at no cost. Note that this is for the sheets only. More information can be found here or by calling (406) 552-6619.

The municipal teams depend on the citizens to operate the collection of leaves.

  • Please rake the leaves all the way to the sidewalk in the parking lane, but not in the bike lane or traffic lane. If there is no parking lane, please rake the leaves to the sidewalk, but do not use more than half of the cycle lane. Make long, narrow stacks.
  • Please complete raking before the start of your pickup week. Teams can visit your street on the first day. They will then cross the region.
  • When parking, please leave room for the Street Division teams to access the stacks of sheets with the front loaders and trucks. Check the leaf collection webpage for instructions on parking in special neighborhoods during leaf collection.
  • Sheets only, please. Debris and branches delay leaf pickup and can damage equipment. • Trees should be pruned a minimum of 14 feet above the street to the inside edge of the border line. If your trees do not meet this requirement, they may need to be pruned by City crews to complete leaf collection.
  • Leaf collection is followed by street sweeping, weather permitting.

City officials note If snowfall disrupts the schedule, crews will be diverted to clear snow, but will return to leaf collection as soon as possible. Updates to the schedule will be posted on the Missoula City Website and the Facebook page of the Public Works and Mobility Department.

Residents who miss the scheduled pickup time in their neighborhood can call the Street Operations and Maintenance Division at (406) 552-6360 to be put on a list for another collection time, if the weather is right. allows and once all zones are completed.



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