Sean Kenney’s NATURE CONNECTS exhibit opens in Gainesville on March 4


The Atlanta Botanical Garden, Gainesville, will feature a new sculpture exhibit this spring that begs the question: How are the elements of the natural world connected?

Nature Connects Made with LEGO Bricks by Sean Kenney, scheduled for March 4 through May 30, features sculptures by artist Sean Kenney built entirely of LEGO bricks. These precision-built yet whimsical pieces are designed to inspire both the young and the young-at-heart about the natural world.

Kenney only uses standard, off-the-shelf, off-the-shelf LEGO pieces for his sculptures – no special colors or shapes. Each piece is connected to another and the sculptures are built according to the rules of the LEGO system. The sculptures require precise detail and countless hours – the dewy skimmer dragonfly, for example, took over 500 hours to build, while the intricate corn spider took 135 hours.

For the exhibition, 15 sculptures will be nestled in parterres in the main garden, creating a sense of exploration and adventure as visitors stroll along the walkways. They reflect themes such as pollination, endangered animals and habitat preservation. The largest piece is a beautifully ornate peacock made from over 68,000 bricks. There are also deer in the garden (LEGO-like), with a buck and doe watching over a baby fawn.

Because the exhibit is sure to inspire budding artists, environmentalists and builders to dream big, after seeing the sculptures, guests will no doubt want to go home and create their own sculptures.

The mission of the Atlanta Botanical Garden is to develop and maintain plant collections for the purposes of exhibition, education, research, conservation, and enjoyment. For more information, visit or call 404-876-5859.


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