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Thousands of people have had to be hospitalized after being injured during popular lockdown activities, figures show.

As the country faced repeated restrictions, people turned to crafts, new pets, and backyard games.

However, hospital admissions in England have shown that thousands of people are in need of treatment because of their chosen activity.

DIY and play outside

Data, from NHS Digital for 2020/21, showed more than 5,600 people were admitted to hospital after coming into contact with a power hand tool and more than 2,700 were taken care of after an accident with tools such as a hammer or saw.

Thousands of people have been admitted after falling from playground equipment. Photo: iStock

More than 5,300 people have been injured after falling from playground equipment, including dozens over 30 and eight over 90.

A total of 962 people had to be admitted after being injured while climbing a tree and 349 were injured with a lawn mower.

Animal-related injuries

Pets also appeared to be the cause of many injuries during the lockdown, with 7,386 people hospitalized after being bitten or hit by a dog.

The rat bites prompted 47 people to seek medical attention, along with 60 cases of people coming into contact with a poisonous spider.

Handout at Dublin Zoo, photo of scorpions intercepted at Dublin Airport.
The scorpions caused four hospitalizations. Photo File

Four people needed help after coming into contact with a scorpion.

Meanwhile, a 90-year-old woman was admitted to hospital after being bitten or hit by a crocodile or alligator.

Cooking, sunburn and lightning strikes

Across England, 2,243 people were admitted after coming into contact with hot drinks, food, fats and cooking oils.

Although many came out to enjoy the sunny weather during the first lockdown, 153 people were taken to hospital with sunburns.

A close up of a child's shoulder with red sunburnt skin.  Concept of summer UV protection, health and safe vacation
The sunburns have prompted more than 150 people to seek medical attention. Photo: iStock

At the same time, “overwork, painful or repetitive movements” accounted for 12,355 entries.

The number of people needing help after being struck by lightning increased from three cases in 2019/20 to 18 in 2020/21.

There are “worrying trends”

A spokesperson for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents said the figures serve as a reminder of “the extent of the types of accidents that can lead to injury.”

“Among the unknown entries in the database, there are disturbing trends which serve to highlight the accident problems we are facing,” the spokesperson said.



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