Rex Hunt wields GARDEN TOOL in Melbourne road rage incident


Chilling moment TV fishing star and AFL great Rex Hunt EXPLODE on driver while brandishing GARDEN PITCH and shouting ‘do you want to die’ in horrific road rage incident

  • Legendary football commentator Rex Hunt was involved in a road rage incident
  • Hunt was heard asking, ‘Do you want to die’ to another motorist on Tuesday
  • The incident happened on Tuesday morning in Beaumaris, Melbourne’s southeast
  • The other motorist allegedly punched the veteran broadcaster

Legendary football commentator and TV fisherman Rex Hunt was involved in a horrific road rage incident in which he was hit by another man, before grabbing a garden pitchfork and chasing the man while shouting “do you want to die”.

Dashcam footage showed Hunt standing in the road in the upscale Melbourne suburb of Beaumaris at around 10am on Tuesday morning after colliding with another driver, who drove away from the scene.

After getting back into his vehicle and finding the other car, Hunt and the man could be seen arguing in dash cam footage from a third vehicle that had followed the couple.

The other motorist then punched before running away from Hunt, who went to the back of his car and pulled out a garden pitchfork and followed.

Out of the dash cam shot, Hunt could be heard twice saying “do you want to die?” while the driver of the third vehicle implored the two men to calm down.

The incident comes shortly after Hunt made headlines when he decried Channel Seven’s decision to replace AFL great Wayne Carey as commentator for its showpiece Friday night matches in favor of the star of AFLW Daisy Pearce.

Hunt said in a Facebook exchange that the person in Seven who made that decision was “forced into making such a weak decision to sit and pee under the pressure of having equal genders everywhere.”

Hunt was recently the subject of controversy when he attacked Channel Seven for replacing footballing great Wayne Carey as Friday night commentator with AFL star Daisy Pearce (pictured left with another commentator of Seven and women’s soccer star Abbey Holmes)

The clash also echoed a confrontation between Hunt and his son Matthew with a gang of 15 youths in Byron Bay in 2005.

Both men were attacked leaving a pub and Hunt received cuts and bruises to the head.

In 2009, he was sentenced to community service after a physical confrontation with a cyclist in another road rage incident.

Hunt, pictured celebrating Richmond's premiership in 2017 with star player Dustin Martin, played 200 games before becoming the sport's most prominent commentator.

Hunt, pictured celebrating Richmond’s premiership in 2017 with star player Dustin Martin, played 200 games before becoming the sport’s most prominent commentator.

Hunt was a high-profile football commentator and host of a national fishing television show in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Her high-flying career declined after a newspaper article about a series of extramarital affairs.

He continued to do radio work in subsequent years and hosted a post-game show with his former station 3AW until last year when he had a managerial blowout.

The station’s chief football producer called to question him for ditching a commercial break to extend an interview, and Hunt replied on-air that he couldn’t tolerate “lightweights” and told him off. warned not to ring again.



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