Revive sad plants with a common product that only costs pennies per use


SPENDING an entire season tending to plants, only to see them wither and tire, has a huge impact on your morale.

But thanks to a pro gardening hack, your ferns and flowers won’t fall off anymore.


A simple solution can prevent your plants from rotting at the rootCredit: Getty
A simple formula of water and hydrogen peroxide can save your withered plants


A simple formula of water and hydrogen peroxide can save your withered plantsCredit: Getty

The Secret to Pretty Perky Plants is a common item in your medicine cabinet, and it only costs pennies per use.

Gardening experts told Best Life how and when to dose your plants with the secret ingredient: hydrogen peroxide.

The formula works because hydrogen peroxide has a similar, but not identical, chemical makeup to water, said Naomi Robinson, founder of Houseplant Authority.

Robinson told the outlet that hydrogen peroxide is especially helpful in preventing and containing root rot, a common condition for overwatered or poorly drained plants.

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Dilute a tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide in a cup of water, then add it to a spray bottle. Mist your plants twice a week, focusing on the roots.

“In the case of root rot, simply spraying the soil or your plant’s roots with the hydrogen peroxide solution isn’t enough to solve the problem,” Robinson said.

“Instead, you’ll need to combine this with other strategies to prevent root rot, such as repotting your plant in cool soil with proper drainage and evaluating your watering schedule.”

Consider “sterilizing” new potting soil by spraying it thoroughly before planting.

“Just because you bought your soil at the store doesn’t mean it’s pest-free,” Robinson warned.

“Adding hydrogen peroxide can help ensure that you don’t accidentally introduce unwanted friends to your houseplants.”

Hydrogen peroxide can work wonders in your garden or for potted plants, but it shouldn’t be used as a long-term solution.

After you’ve done a few treatments and seen benefits, you’ll need to stop using the formula to avoid damaging your plants.

While there are limits to its uses, it’s not just good for fighting root rot.

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You can also use a weaker solution — a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide to a cup of water — to keep pests and fungi away from your plant’s stems, leaves, and flowers.

Another caveat to the magic formula: it should not be used on extremely young or fragile plants, as it may further weaken the plants and stunt their growth.

Hydrogen peroxide can be used to help potted plants or those in your garden


Hydrogen peroxide can be used to help potted plants or those in your gardenCredit: Getty

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