Reminder: theme of successful composting from the Edmonds Floretum Garden Club meeting on December 20



Edmonds Floretum Garden Club will present “The Basics of Successful Composting” by Master Gardener Fred Wemer on Monday December 20 at 11am via Zoom.

What is compost? What materials can you use (or should you avoid) in your house piles? What impact does compost have on the soil and the organisms that live there? What methods and equipment do you need to make finished compost? Learn about the fast methods used at the Bellevue Botanical Garden and the slow, low energy methods for backyards.

Wemer volunteers at the Bellevue Demonstration Garden, where he teaches composting, grafting tomatoes, and growing edible flowers and perennial vegetables. He is a 17 year veteran of the Master Gardener program. He compostes virtually everything in the huge garden he maintains on a small private island where no yard waste service is available.

In his professional life, Wemer taught for over 40 years at the Washington University School of Dentistry and spent nine years as a chemical engineer.

Guests are invited to join the Zoom meeting. Email [email protected] to get the link.

Edmonds Floretum Garden Club celebrates 100 years of beautifying Edmonds. If you were around in 1927, you might have gone to see the western “Winning the Wilderness” at the Princess Theater. You would also have enjoyed a color documentary on Yellowstone Park, heard songs from local talent, and been happy to know that the ticket proceeds were dedicated to the Floretum town beautification project.

Floretum needs your help too. The club lacks directories for the decade of the 1950s and needs them to compile its 100-year history. Do you have any Floretum directories or other keepsakes hidden in your attic or basement? Are you spending a vacation with someone who has lived here and who might have things of interest?

If you can help send an email to [email protected] To learn more about Floretum, visit



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