Parma’s All Saints Episcopal Church is preparing a new community garden



PARMA, Ohio – When it comes to gardening in Parma, some people have limitations ranging from pesky (and hungry) deer to small backyards or apartment balconies.

With that in mind, All Saints Episcopal Church was recently approved by the city to add a community garden on its southern half acre of property along Ames Road.

“One of the goals of the church since I arrived in July 2020 is to be a better community partner,” said Rev. Noah Sutterisch of All Saints Episcopal Church. “We would meet people at The Pantry at All Saints every month who said they had a million tomatoes and didn’t know what to do with them or the deer would eat their produce.

“Plus, not everyone has a fenced yard. There are a lot of apartments near where we live, we have all these goods and all we do is just cut the grass.

The community garden is initially expected to have 30 plots of four feet wide with a length of eight to 12 feet.

The community garden at All Saints Episcopal Church in Parma will use rainwater collected from neighboring buildings. (John Benson /

“Our goal this spring is to have the water system, which will use the water collected on our roof to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly and to help the storm water management system here in the city,” Sutterisch said.

“We are planning to have raised beds for accessibility for people with disabilities. There will also be a fence against deer so that they cannot enter. It will be minimal and as transparent as possible so that you can see all the beauty that is going on and not feel like you are locked in.

There is currently talk of the community garden offering two seasons – early summer and late summer – each plot costing $ 35.

Citing Parma’s motto, progress through partnerships, Sutterisch said the project would not have seen the light of day without the help of many people. This includes consulting with the West Creek Conservancy and a landscape architect who designed the garden for free to work with the city of Parma and the neighboring Parma Heights Baptist Church.

Parma Ward 8 City Councilor Linda Kohar praised Sutterisch for truly reaching out to help the community.

“Currently, the church is surrounded by a lot of unused land,” Kohar said. Tour. Noah’s goal is to make the church grounds welcoming and useful to surrounding residents, many of whom live in apartments and are unable to enjoy the joys and health benefits of gardening.

While the community garden will be located at the All Saints Episcopal Church, Sutterisch sees amenity as an opening to a greater good.

“Technically it will be on our property, but we are partnering on this land and opening it up to people,” Sutterisch said.

“I hope they can form partnerships with the people they grow up with, exchanging ideas and knowledge about gardening. As a result, friendships will flourish.

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