Old lady gives her grandson a dirty toolbox, he doesn’t open it until after his death – The story of the day


Liam kept refusing his grandmother’s request to open the toolbox she had given him, thinking it was another boring gift he hated. However, after his death, the boy opened it and couldn’t stop crying when he saw what was inside.

Liam spent his summer vacation each year with his grandmother Agnes in Texas, where they worked together on her farm. Each evening, Agnes picked fresh vegetables in her garden and made Liam’s favorite mushroom soup, while the boy collected nuts for the seashells he made for his tin soldiers.

For Agnès, her 10-year-old grandson represented the whole world. When Liam couldn’t visit him during his school years, the frail 65-year-old took a train every weekend to see her grandson, and she never forgot to buy him a present.

However, Liam never appreciated his gifts; in fact, after some heartache that he got sci-fi books instead of comics in the packages, he never bothered to open the other gifts and just stacked them in his room. “Grandmother!” he would cry. “You promised to buy me comics. This is not what I want! “

Agnes smiled at the boy’s naivety. “Liam, you should never judge a book by its cover.” Have you read any of the books I bought you?

“Well, I really wanted to, but—”

“I can’t believe you haven’t read the books I bought for you, Liam,” Agnes sighed. “I thought you liked my gifts.” She loved to tease her grandson and see how he frowned when he felt guilty for not appreciating her gifts.

One day, while Agnes was visiting Liam, she got soaked in the rain and the toolbox she had bought got dirty. The woman had left it on the doorstep by accident while trying to wash the water droplets off his glasses, and by the time it got into Liam’s hands, the dust on it was more visible than the gift wrap. , which had been removed in places by the driving rain.

“Why does it look so dirty, Grandma?” This was Liam’s first reaction when he saw him. “Looks like someone plunged him into dust and dirt.”

“Sorry, honey,” Agnes replied. “It was raining a lot and I made the mistake of leaving it on the ground. Anyway, aren’t you curious about what’s inside? “

“Well…” Liam was disgusted by the appearance of the toolbox, but more than that he was disgusted that Agnes would have bought those books again of no interest to him, so the kid gave him just said he would open it. later, trying not to hurt her feelings. “Grandma, I’ll open it later. Enter first; if you don’t dry yourself off you will get sick.

After Agnes left their house that day, Liam threw the box on the topmost shelf and forgot about it. But the next day, his grandmother called him to check if he had opened his gift. “So, did you like the present I bought you, Liam?” She asked on the call.

“I haven’t opened it yet, Grandma,” Liam said, “but I’ll let you know once I check it,” and disconnected the call.

The next day, Agnes called back and things went on like this for a week. Liam always found an excuse to avoid talking about the club and change the subject for something else.

One morning he was sitting by the phone, ready to find an excuse to avoid Agnes’ question, but when the boy answered the call, he ran to his mother. “Mom!” Liam cried. “Granny is in the hospital!”

Liam and his mother rushed to the hospital and had the shock of a lifetime when they saw Agnes unconscious and lying like a corpse on the bed. Liam’s mother stayed with her in the hospital that night, waiting for her to wake up, but Agnes never opened her eyes again.

When Liam received the devastating news, he couldn’t stop crying. At that moment, the first thing that occurred to me was to open the toolbox that her grandmother had given her. He rushed over to the shelf, grabbed her and put her on her bed. And as he opened the box, tears escaped his eyes.

There were a lot of tin soldiers, a bunch of comics, and a letter on top addressed to him.

“Dear Liam,” the letter began. “I was diagnosed with cancer three months ago. The doctors said I was nearing the end of my life and could die at any time. I was devastated when I heard the news. Your parents are aware of the situation. I wanted you to know that too. But I’ll be honest here, more than death I’m afraid how I could break this news to my 10 year old grandson.

“This may be the last gift you will receive from me,” the letter continues. ” Do not ask me why. It’s just that I have a slight suspicion that I won’t be able to see you again. I wanted this toolbox to be a special gift for you, so I packed it with all of your favorite things.

“Sorry, Grandma Agnes is getting old and tired, so she couldn’t go out to warp and decorate it in a sophisticated way.” But you know that this toolbox holds a special place in my heart because it belonged to your late grandfather. Hope you will enjoy my gift. Please see me as soon as possible. With love, Angels.

Liam was heartbroken after he finished reading the letter. He started to resent all the times he apologized to Agnes and despised her gifts.

Now, every time he went to his grandmother’s grave, he would sit next to her and read her the books she had given him. And every year on her birthday he would buy her favorite flowers and leave her a note saying, “Happy birthday to the best grandmother in the world. Grandma, your gifts were the best. I wish we could have spent more time together. But I know you are in a safe place. I love you. Your grandson, Liam.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Take action before it’s too late. If Liam had opened the toolbox earlier, perhaps he could have spent more time with his sick grandmother.
  • Never judge a book by its cover. Liam thought Agnes’ gift was unattractive because it was an old toolbox, but when he opened it he realized it was his grandmother’s most precious gift. -mother because it was the last.

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