Obituary of Marion Ghilarducci (1937 – 2021) – Resident of Santa Cruz, California



Marion Phillips Ghilarducci
1937 -2021
Santa Cruz resident
Marion Phillips Ghilarducci from Santa Cruz CA passed away on October 26, 2021. She was 84 years old. Born in San Francisco to parents Marion Garrettson Phillips and Irvine Lewis Phillips Sr. For a time she dated Cal Berkeley, where her father was an All American, Olympic prospect and team captain at the 1929 Rose Bowl.
She was an active CWA Steward in Sacramento Bee and Sacramento Union where she sold classifieds for 37 years until her retirement in 2009 in Santa Cruz to be with her family. She was a lively person and engaged everyone she met. She respected everyone, regardless of their status in society.
His most frequent donations were to the Democratic National Committee, ProgressNow Arizona, and the Southern Poverty Law Center. The last books she read were by Bob Kuttner and Joan Silber and she loved dark indie movies, especially those with subtitles.
She volunteered at UC Botanical Garden and West Lake School in the Grandparents Program in 2013-2015. She was a staunch assistant to her grandchildren’s countless soccer, basketball, baseball and softball games in Santa Cruz, often the loudest person in the stands. . She attended many Santa Cruz Warrriors matches, the most memorable joy: “Good job Mr. Bazemore!”
Marion drove and lived independently until her massive stroke which resulted in her death 6 days later.
Marion is survived by her son David Ghilarducci, her stepdaughter Sally Ghilarducci and her grandchildren Ben and Jay Ghilarducci and Joseph O’Rourke, of Tempe, Arizona; her daughter Teresa Ghilarducci and her son-in-law Rick McGahey.

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Posted by Santa Cruz Sentinel on October 31, 2021.



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