New life insurance can pay off your mortgage, send your kids to college, and even send your ashes to space



MILWAUKEE, September 13, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Wyshbox, an all-digital disruptor in the life insurance market debuted today. Wyshbox is available through a sleek website, iOS app, and their Android app will launch later this month. This new financial protection resource offers customizable term life insurance coverage from $ 9 per month for $ 150,000 in life insurance.

“Let’s face it – life insurance has a lot of misconceptions – it’s too complicated and it’s not something you’re happy to tell your friends about,” said the founder and head of Purpose and Vision Wyshbox, Alex Matjanec. “We’ve spoken to thousands of consumers to create a life insurance company that is simple, flexible, and protects the things that really matter to them. It can be practical things like covering debts, or non-traditional things like ensuring a cozy life for your pets. , or hire your favorite musician to sing at your funeral. ”

Simply download Wyshbox from the App Store or visit and start creating “Wyshes,” the areas of your financial life that you want to protect should you die unexpectedly. So instead of the traditional method of multiplying your income by 10, users can narrow down their needs – like paying off your mortgage, leaving future school fees with a loved one, or moving your houseplants to a botanical garden. . It’s a new approach to life insurance that helps people protect what is most important to them.

To deliver such a unique approach to life insurance, Wyshbox has assembled a team of “Wysh Granters,” a white-gloved concierge claims service that works with your beneficiaries to help your wishes come true.

“Our claims process is completely different,” said April Troester, team leader Wysh Granter. “We can work with your bank and your lenders, and have partnerships to help make the process smooth and stress-free, which every family wants during a tough time.”

Wyshbox also comes with best-in-class flexibility, where users can adjust their policy and add or remove Wyshes at any time. There are also no medical exams, and the underwriting health questionnaire only takes a few minutes to complete and get your quote. Users even have the option of connecting their bank accounts and as they pay off their mortgage or other debts they can automatically reduce their insurance benefit so that the amount they pay also goes down.

“Our goal is to create an extremely personalized policy for each of our insureds, where they always have the possibility of adjusting as their stages of life evolve,” said Matjanec. “We believe that everyone, especially at a younger age, should start planning and feeling the confidence that comes with obtaining the financial protection that life insurance offers.”

Wyshbox is now available in nine states with plans for national availability in 2022. To learn more about Wyshbox, please visit

About Wyshbox
Wyshbox is a fully digital financial protection resource that allows users to personalize their policies with Wyshes – the areas of your financial life you want to protect in the event of an unexpected death. Launched in 2021 by Wysh Life and Health Insurance Company, Wyshbox provides term life insurance to clients with customizable life insurance plans in a fully digital process.

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