National Sports Day 2022: The benefits of home gardening on our body, mind and soul


National Sports Day 2022: The benefits of home gardening on our body, mind and soul

08 Feb 2022

When we think of National Sports Day and active exercise, we usually imagine someone jogging, weight lifting, or playing sports like soccer, basketball, or volleyball. However, there is one activity which, although not considered a conventional physical activity, has similar beneficial effects on a person’s physical, mental and even spiritual well-being: home gardening and planting trees. trees.

Besides the obvious environmental benefits and the calorie burning and cardio resulting from this intense physical activity, home gardening also stimulates the production of hormones associated with happiness, improves mental and physical relaxation, teaches the virtue of patience and improves quality of sleep and breathing due to being in an outdoor environment.

Sports activities at the QBG

From a mental health and spirituality perspective, home gardening is essential to help overcome certain psychological issues. It brings out a sense of hope and optimism and elicits a person’s meditative and reflective side, along with corresponding feelings of gratitude, positivity, and a desire to actively contribute to society, the environment, and the environment. the great planet, which is exactly what planting a tree is – a concrete and exemplary contribution and commitment to creating a better home for all members of humanity and the diverse wildlife that inhabits our planet.

At QBG, a member of the Qatar Foundation (QF), we believe in empowering people to make decisions that help protect the planet. We work closely with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change and local and international NGOs, such as the Qatar Red Crescent Society and Botanic Gardens Conservation International, as well as multilateral organizations such as the International Union for nature conservation to help us in this mission and amplify our impact on the community.

The Holy Quran contains over 500 verses related to the environment and sustainability, highlighting our sacred duty to care for our planet and all that we have been blessed with. Since our actions today have consequences for tomorrow, we have a responsibility to make choices and decisions that contribute to the well-being of the Earth.

Whether you want to jog and exercise in our garden, or simply take a look at the beautiful trees and plants within, our doors are always open to you. We also regularly organize educational workshops, events and webinars for those who wish to learn more about home gardening and agriculture and make a significant contribution to the planet, as well as to their own physical, mental and spiritual.

Fatima Al Khulaifi, Director of the Koranic Botanical Garden (QBG)


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