Man struggles to remove tooth while committing theft: Mayfield Heights police blotter




Flight: Mayfield Road

Officers stopped a vehicle on September 21 involved in a theft at Walmart. The driver tripped out of the vehicle and the passenger settled in the driver’s seat and fled from the area.

The Cleveland man, 41, said he picked up the woman in Cleveland and gave him cocaine in exchange for a ride to Walmart. He said she told him to stop the vehicle and pushed him out of it before he could park it.

The man was also in possession of a pocket knife, which he said he used to remove a painful tooth while he waited in the parking lot at Walmart. He was charged with aiding and abetting theft and taken to hospital for treatment.

The woman has not been identified.

Flight: Mayfield Road

An eight-year-old boy had his bike stolen at Party Place on September 16 after a family member gave him permission to go to the store and buy a ball for his brother.

Surveillance video showed a man was taking the bike and riding it from the area.

The next day, officers located the man on his bicycle in the area. He claimed he was left outside the store for two days, but surveillance video showed he was only left unattended for ten minutes. The 39-year-old East Cleveland man was later arrested and charged with receiving stolen property.

Flight: Golden Gate Boulevard

Costco Loss Prevention reported on September 16 that a theft of four vacuum cleaners and a set of tools was captured on surveillance video on September 11. as a passenger in a truck.

After investigation, a potential suspect was ruled out by the police.

Property damage: Lander Road

A resident reported on September 16 that he had just arrived home to find that a vehicle rear window had been smashed on a vehicle in his driveway. Officers believed a BB rifle had been fired at the window.

A neighbor said earlier in the day she heard three pops and saw a vehicle pull away from the area.

The incident is under investigation.

Material damage: Woodrow Avenue

A resident said on September 16 that earlier in the day an unknown man threw bricks at his house and stabbed his garden house.

Surveillance video from a video doorbell showed a woman driving down the resident’s driveway, exiting the vehicle and pushing over a potted plant and gas grill. His identity was unknown.

Fire: Interstate-271

A box truck caught fire and caused a temporary roadway closure around 11 a.m. on September 17. The driver was uninjured and attempted to extinguish the fire himself before the entire cabin caught fire.

Flight: Elmwood Road

A 15-year-old girl reported on September 20 that her bicycle was stolen from her yard. Officers spoke to a suspect, who said he believed he had recently seen another boy riding a bicycle to school. Before further investigation was completed, the bike was found abandoned in a yard on Lander Road the next day.

Fraud: Fox Hollow Drive

A 92-year-old woman reported on September 21 that she was scammed for $ 4,000 after giving gift card numbers to strangers who called her to let her know she had problems. unauthorized charges on their account.

Officers responded to a call from one of the suspects while a report was pending. When told that the woman wanted to continue the call, the caller ended the call.

Flight: SOM Center road

Three women, all dressed in hospital gowns, reportedly left the Winking Lizard on September 22 without paying for their meals. Response officers were unable to locate the suspects or their vehicles.

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