Maine state police say slow down because the roads are dangerous


Drivers are urged to stay home today if possible as the roads become dangerous and accidents pile up.

Maine Department of Public Safety spokeswoman Shannon Moss said today’s winter mix is ​​causing multiple crashes across the state. Between 6 and 10 a.m. Friday morning, more than ten crashes were reported on the Maine Turnpike. Maine State Police troopers say people are driving too fast for road conditions and it’s causing problems. At the latest news, there were no injuries related to these accidents.

The semi-trailer shown here was traveling south on the toll road in York when the driver lost control of the vehicle due to speed and road conditions. Officials say the truck hit the center guardrail first, causing the rear of the truck to sway and hit the shoulder guardrail. It then came to rest in the center of the road, blocking all three lanes of traffic. The York Fire Department responded to the accident engine oil was spilled on the roadway. The driver was not injured.

Maine Department of Public Safety

Maine Department of Public Safety

Maine State Police and the Maine Bureau of Highway Safety are urging drivers to stay home, if possible, and slow down if going out. Remember to leave enough space between your vehicle and others on the road and give yourself plenty of time to stop.

Before venturing out, check that your event/destination has not been canceled/closed for the day. Find the full list of cancellations here.

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