Local News: Support for LFR continues through bed donation and auction (12/10/21)



(Sentry photo by Beverly Van Buskirk) Mars Fire Chief David Schipper (left) and Duane McLay, owner of Emily? ? s Home Furnishings stand next to model beds. McLay donated three beds to the fire station.

MARCH ?? A Mars company has recently continued its practice of supporting the Mars firefighter by providing three beds for the fire station.

Duane McLay, owner of Emily’s Home Furnishings, continued to make way for the new beds.

The beds will be used by firefighters who spend the night at the station.

Le Mars Fire Chief David Schipper said McLay first donated a bed 10 years ago, when the department had a full-time person at the station.

?? We needed new ones, in fact we needed three, so Duane graciously donated those too, ?? said Schipper.

“Dave knows we fully support them, and while he has graciously offered to compensate the store, that’s not what we want. We want them to be able to have those funds to do other things for the crew there and whatever they need? McLay said.

“Whenever Dave needs something we always want to give it away and the benefit to the local stores is that they are able to take the profit that we make because we clearly have to do something or we would. “. “Not in business, and just let it go to the community”,? He continued.

Schipper said the three extra-long twin beds with frames and bedding are valued at more than $ 2,400.

?? It’s a special bed because we have longer beds for them, we have bigger guys, ?? said Schipper. We asked Duane if there was a way to find a longer twin mattress and of course he went out of his way to make it for us and then of course giving them on top of that. We greatly appreciate this. ??

Schipper explained that the fire department survives on donations and things that can help offset expenses from the city budget and help control the taxes of people in the city so the city does not have to increase. Taxes.

“So we are telling people to shop at Emily ?? s, shop local because many local businesses are very generous, like Duane came here recently and like he was in 2012 when we started. staffing overnight with just volunteer people. We had one person stay overnight and Duane donated a bed to us at the time, ?? said Schipper. ?? It is because of people like him that we can be as good as we are. ??

McLay noted that the donation allows the fire department to use its funds for necessary equipment.

Like he said, we have excess funds that we don’t spend on those kinds of things that he can help us with, that we can spend on life saving supplies for our community, so it’s a win-win- win for us, the taxpayer and of course, Duane. She’s a good person, and we like her? said Schipper.

McLay developed his appreciation of the fire department.

March is blessed that we have what we have in this city. These people save our lives and so the store will always be there as the department continues to grow and their needs continue to grow. Emily ?? s will always be a part of whatever is needed to facilitate this, ?? McLay said.

Schipper added that another Le Mars company is helping the department with an online auction that ends Dec. 15.

?? We had an anonymous donor who donated to the fire department basically a bunch of things from their house and garage after her husband died, ?? said Schipper. ?? She donated (the items) to auction and allows us to profit from it. So just like Emily’s Furniture is doing here, Brock Auction Company offered to do it for us, and left the product with us, and they’re not going to charge us for the auction.

The auction runs through December 15 and is listed on the Brock Auction Company website under The Mars Fire-Rescue.

?? There is everything from snowblowers, to hand saws, to drills, to different types of welders ?? tools, saws, garden tools, a plethora of things you would see in a garage and then 10 times more, ?? said Schipper.

Other lots include vintage toys, woodworking books, vintage tin cans, rain gauges, folding chairs, wooden cabinets, camping gear and lanterns, fishing gear and much more .

?? This person, just like Duane here, is just happy to have the fire department that she feels comfortable with, we are there for her all the time, and she was looking for something to do, ?? he said.

Schipper already has his eye on the equipment for which the auction proceeds will be used.

“One of the goals with this is that we looked at a new piece of extrication equipment to extricate people trapped in their vehicles, cars or trucks. We realized we needed this after the last two accidents, that we were missing a part that we needed when we bought a bunch of extrication gear about a year and a half ago. This tool is $ 7,000, so the auction proceeds will go towards the purchase of this piece of rescue equipment? he said.

Schipper encourages people to surrender www.brockauction.com, and find the auction under Le Mars Fire-Rescue.

The auction is open until 6 p.m. on Wednesday, December 15.



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