Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano is coming Main Card Live Scores, Updates, Highlights from Madison Square Garden


Smith wins by stoppage in lap 10

It’s finish! Smith draws a stop in the 10th! He immediately went back to work at the start of the round and had enough trouble with Vargas on the ropes that he was ruled out. Big performance, big win!

Round 9

Excellent lap from Smith, not only leveling off after an improved eighth from Vargas, but could potentially take him over the line in terms of the judges, although we’ll see what those three say if it goes the distance. Right now it’s 6-3 Beefy on my map.

Round 8

Best round by Vargas in a short time, with better movement and nice counter shots. I have him trailing Smith 3-5 in rounds.

Round 7

Closer in terms of clean courts, but Smith is likely to win a lot of favor with the judges for the aggression and control of it. I gave him up to five rounds to two so far.

Round 6

Smith is firmly dictating how this fight goes now, and while Vargas still finds good shots, he absorbs a lot more than he lands. 4-2 in rounds for the Briton.

Round 5

Good for Smith as he is making plenty of inroads with his pressure approach. Vargas is looking to counter-box, but doesn’t have a ton of joy in it. 3-2 in rounds for Liam.

Round 4

Great ride! The crowd went wild twice for heated exchanges, and each man seemed to have rocked the other once as well. Smith just passed that one, with better and more enterprising work outside of the big moments that just landed him.

Round 3

Some big open exchanges between the two in round three, and while Vargas’ work is beyond me on this one, Smith looks terrific when he lands and you wonder if the power is going to be decisive in the end.

2nd round

Vargas is finding his groove now, and while Smith is still finding ways, it’s a round apiece so far on this scorecard.

Smith vs. Vargas, Round 1

Smith looks composed and focused here, getting the best shots from a cautious first round. A big land comes just before the bell and the Briton is a turn.

Chief support is on deck

Liam Smith vs. Jessie Vargas has gotten personal, and this will be the next contest on the card. After that, all that’s left is history…Taylor versus Serrano, for the undisputed lightweight title, follows Smith and Vargas.

Francon did it!

99-91 x2 and 97-93 all in favor of UNDISPUTED World Super Middleweight Champion Franchon Crews-Dezurn!

We go to the judges

What an absorbing 10-rounder!

7 laps completed, 3 remaining

Taylor and Serrano are here

And when their arrivals were shown on MSG’s iconic high screens, the place was deafening for Irish and Puerto Rican fans.

Frantic first two laps

A nice move, with FCD taking over key exchanges


It’s time for an undisputed women’s super middleweight champion as Franchon Crews-Dezurn and Elin Cederroos momentarily engage in a unification war.

Very professional looking

In fact, that’s it!

Cartagena won’t come out of their corner for a third round, and Yafai takes the win after two rounds of action!

Yafai vs Cartagena: 2 rounds in

One-way traffic as a stop seems likely in the very near future. Yafai looks very skilled and eager to deal damage, though he fires a few easy shots during his assault. It will take some work as his opponents get tougher.


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