Jake Paul Vs. Tommy Fury is officially August 6 at Madison Square Garden, even with Tyson Fury banned from flying to the United States


There has been great concern over whether the Tommy Fury vs. Jake Paul will ever take place after Tyson Fury was banned from traveling to the United States.

Tyson Fury’s alleged US travel ban could ultimately cost Tommy Fury his second chance to fight Jake Paul.

The world heavyweight champion is said to be unable to travel to America due to his connections with Daniel Kinahan, who is believed to be the head of the Kinahan Organized Crime Group. The Irishman has a $5m (£4m) bounty in the United States, while connected associates would also be subject to rewards.

The Dublin native was named leader of the Irish criminal gang Kinahan and hit with global financial sanctions by the US government in April. And a number of notable names in the boxing world who were linked to MTK Global, who once competed in Kinahan, were denied entry to America.

More recently, Tyson was reportedly barred from traveling last week, and his father John appeared to confirm the story was true in a deleted Instagram video today. If the champion boxer is prevented from going to America, he and his father would both be banned, albeit for completely unrelated incidents.

Crime syndicates have mingled with rising stars since the dawn of time. Frank Sinatra, Joe DiMaggio, Marilyn Monroe and Tony Bennett all had Mafia ties. The Kinahan Crime group is said to be linked to several fighters by funding them through various means, with current world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury being the latest fighter to be linked to them, prompting the travel ban.

Is Tyson totally innocent? Probably not, but I think there’s enough denial to not have it on this list. Still, people thought it might prevent a Paul vs. Fury match from happening, with Jake saying about as much on Twitter yesterday.

Fast forward to this morning and the fight is officially on!

This is something I absolutely must watch live while getting tickets Game time. It looks like an awesome card with Serrano back on the scene after his loss to Taylor while Tommy won’t have his big bad older brother in his corner at the Garden. There will only be three people in this ring. Himself, his opponent Jake Paul and the referee. I don’t know who’s going to win, but Jake is already promoting this fight.


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