Ireland is home to ghosts, butterflies and gardens


For over eight centuries Malahide Castle, nestled in 100 acres of parkland in the charming coastal town of Malahide, has served as both a castle and a residential building and is an unusual combination of architectural features. The house is decorated with fine antique furniture and a selection of Irish portraits from the National Gallery. The beautiful Talbot Botanical Gardens are also a major feature of Malahide Castle.

However, Malahide Castle may hold other secrets, including the fact that it is potentially the most haunted in all of Ireland.

Historical significance of Malahide Castle

A wooden fortification was first built on the land, but this was later replaced by a stone construction on the site of the existing Malahide Castle. Chambers and defenses were built, remodeled and fortified over the ages until the fortress assumed its present state.

The Talbots are said to have been a diplomatic household and their rule at Malahide Castle lasted 800 years, from 1185 to the 1970s.

Lord Milo Talbot, the last Baron, resided in the fortress until his death in 1973. Rose, his sister, acquired the land and sold it to the Irish government in 1975. Malahide Castle played an important role in the Irish socio-political arena. ever since, hosting world leaders and conferences and attracting hundreds of visitors from around the world every year.

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The Ghosts of Malahide Castle

The spirits of Malahide Castle are just as much a part of the castle as the old trees and luxurious rooms.

Ghost sightings have been reported as far back as the castle’s 800-year history, which is unsurprising given the legends of battles, carnage and heartache that surround this medieval structure.

Many spirits are linked to real historical figures who once resided in the area, while others have a more enigmatic provenance. Puck, the court jester, is one of the best-known ghosts. Puck, who was unlucky in love, is still nursing a broken heart in the tower where he resided.

Guided tours of the castle

Magical Story Castle Tour

This tour is geared toward families and includes entry to the Fairy Trail and the Butterfly House.

Tour guides use their storytelling skills to expose great stories and myths of the enchantment that exists behind the gates of Malahide Castle. Children’s minds will be awakened by learning about life in the fortress and surrounding enchanting forests, from fairies and gnomes to donkey-eared rulers.

  • Duration of the visit – 40 minutes, fairy tale – 1 hour and 20 minutes
  • Magic Castle walks are only available on weekends.
  • Entrance ticket fees are as follows:
  • Adults – $16
  • Children – $7
  • Students and Seniors – $10

Classic visit of the castle

It’s not just a visit to the castle; it’s a journey through 800 years of history. Learn about the Talbot Line and the historical tales that affected their lives, tour the private rooms, furnishings, and art exhibits, and listen to the knowledgeable interpreters tell tales of wars and feasts. The Botanical Gardens and the Butterfly House are included in admission to the castle tour.

  • Duration of the visit – 45 minutes
  • Audio guides are also available.
  • Entrance ticket fees are as follows:
  • Adults – $16
  • Children – $7
  • Students and Seniors – $10

The fairy trail

The Fairy Trail is a magical adventure through the wooded West Lawn, with whimsical sculptures, fairytale houses and tons of other secret gems to discover. It is child-oriented in every sense of the word. The engaging Fairy Trail is full of adventure and excitement for children and adults.

The enchantment of the drive through the beautiful trees of the exclusive West Lawn of Malahide Castle can be experienced by visitors. The immersive booklet can be used by children to solve puzzles and answer questions along the way.

  • Distance – 1.8km
  • Duration – 1h15

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The butterfly house

Visitors can expect their pulse to race as they explore the only Butterfly House in the Republic of Ireland. When visitors enter the Cambridge Glasshouse in the Walled Garden, they step into the dominion of the world’s most colorful species.

Visitors can watch them fly among tropical vegetation and identify their distinctive features and patterns. It is a sanctuary for both beginners and seasoned lepidopterists, including over 20 species of butterflies kept at Malahide!

Tourists could take advantage of their visit to deepen their knowledge and discover the entire lifespan of the intriguing pollinator. Visitors can also pick up a booklet at the admissions counter to help them identify the different species.

The castle gardens

The West Lawn, which covers 20 acres, was once the location of a huge trench that guarded Malahide Castle during the medieval period. It is now a green and quiet park with trees, decorative wooden statues and the mystical Fairy Trail.

Nature lovers can find exotic trees from all over the world. The famous Beirut cedar, Tasmanian needle pines and Chinese Biloba trees can all be found here.

The walled garden, a goldmine of tropical flora, began over two centuries ago as a vegetable garden to grow fruits and vegetables. Isobel Talbot’s Cove, the flower-filled Rose Garden and the historic Victorian Conservatory are all found as tourists stroll along the winding stone walks. The Grass Terrace, a captivating puzzle of gravel and hay influenced by the elaborate carvings on Oak Room’s wood trim, is a must-see for tourists.

The butterfly house is also in the walled garden of Malahide Castle.

Find Malahide Castle

By bus

  • Nearest bus stop – Malahide Castle Stop 3639 Bus Stop
  • It is a 3 minute walk to the castle from the stop.

By train

  • Nearest train stop – Malahide Station
  • It is a 3 minute walk to the castle from the train station.

Malahide Castle and Gardens is an eerie but charming place to visit if visitors want to learn about Irish history, see beautiful gardens and marvel at grandeur. It is a wonderful vacation spot for history buffs and travelers.

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