I’m a gardening pro – why a DIY tool that costs a penny is the best lazy tip to make caring for your plants easier


REMEMBER when and how much to water your plants can be a real hassle when you are a beginner with lots of other things to worry about.

Well, a gardening expert has revealed how he makes sure his plants always have plenty of water and all it takes is a plastic bottle and a nail.


A gardening pro revealed how he waters his plantsCredit: TikTok/joesgarden
He uses a bottle and a nail


He uses a bottle and a nailCredit: TikTok/joesgarden

A gardening expert, who simply goes by Joe on his various social media channels, has revealed his quick hack to make watering your plants even easier.

“All you need is a plastic bottle and a nail,” he began in his video.

“You’ll want to poke three holes in the bottom of the bottle.

“This will allow the water to flow but not too quickly.”

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The next thing you will do is dig a hole next to the plant you want to water and bury the bottle up to the top.

“That way the water goes straight to the root where it’s needed most,” he explained.

He also suggested keeping the lid around to cover your bottle when it’s full so it doesn’t attract mosquitoes.

However, you want to make sure you don’t fully tighten the lid, as this will create a vacuum inside the bottle and prevent water from flowing out.

But if you prefer to water your plants yourself, you should do it first thing in the morning, according to Factory direct pipe gardener Melanie Evans.

This allows water to seep into the soil and slowly evaporate.

“Unless you are watering with a drip irrigation system, avoid watering in the evening,” Evans says La Delite.

“Plants often stay wet all night when watered in the evening, which is a recipe for plant disease.”

Evans also suggested that you let your hose run for a few seconds before watering your lawn or allowing your kids to drink from it.

This will prevent the water from being excessively hot or cold.

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By doing this you can avoid burning your plants or shocking the roots with too cold water.

“This will eliminate standing water in your pipe and also prevent you from scalding your plants with hot water,” she explained.

He used the nail to pierce the bottle three times before burying the bottle with the plant.


He used the nail to pierce the bottle three times before burying the bottle with the plant.Credit: TikTok/joesgarden

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