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What’s the latest news on Garden Hills infrastructure projects?

At its November 16 meeting, city council approved nearly $ 2.4 million for an engineering contract with Clark Dietz, Inc., to help rehabilitate the neighborhood’s drainage and improve lighting.

Champaign Mayor Deb Feinen detailed the WDWS with Dave Gentry on Wednesday:

“We approved the American Rescue Act plan money for infrastructure (Garden Hills), it’s a long process when you talk about giant infrastructure projects,” she said. “We invested around $ 2 million in engineering, we also invested additional funds for the SLEEP program which basically helps pay for yard lights and video doorbells in homes to get some lighting and security in the neighborhood. “

Drainage improvement projects for Garden Hills include installing a new basin along a reconstructed Hedge Road – at an estimated total cost of $ 22.7 million – and building sewer infrastructure additional rain, for about $ 17 million.

The city plans to spend $ 4-6 million to install around 120 street lights in the neighborhood with additional cameras.

Engineering services will conduct field surveys, prepare plans and specifications, and acquire land for projects.

“We continue to work with these neighbors, it’s an active and engaged neighborhood association, which is great, and they attend many meetings and give us their feedback. We will continue to reduce all the infrastructure problems there, ”Feinen said.

Feinen described a unique problem for city staff: allocating more money than usual, with fewer employees than usual.

In the midst of COVID-19, the city has carried out “a lot” of voluntary departures and early retirements to make up for a “huge budget deficit,” she said.

“So we have less staff doing more work,” she said.



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