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KERNERSVILLE, NC – Across the country, people are giving back to organizations in their communities to help them keep running. A Kernersville organization is seeking donations to continue its community efforts.

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Paul J. Ciener Botanical Garden Has Struggled Due to COVID-19 in Memberships, Donations, and Event Rentals

The garden flows its staff, volunteers and donations

Giving Tuesday allows the garden to continue its programs and partner with other organizations in Kernersville

Adrienne Roethling has worked for the Paul J. Ciener Botanical Garden for 13 years and became its director this year.

Roethling says Giving Tuesday is really important for the organization to receive from the community to help take care of the garden.

“We’re all about the community, we’re all about public engagement. Memberships are down, donations are down and even event rentals are down, certainly because of the pandemic. didn’t help us, ”Roethling said.

The garden relies not only on donations but also on volunteers, like Sylvia Tabir and her friend Jim Hout, who have been volunteering for over two years. Volunteers love to see their contributions in the garden, whether planting or working in the gift shop.

“We love to be outside, we do a lot of gardening in our house, but it’s really pretty, and we’re retired, so it kind of keeps us busy and gives us something to do,” Tazbir said.

Roethling says the biggest problem the garden has faced this year is event rentals. In previous years, the garden normally had 25 weddings per year, but due to COVID-19 it has dropped to 10 in the past year and a half.

“Things are starting to come back. People are a little more careful about how they plan. Some people do it very strategically when they’ve timed integers or floating in and out, so these things help everyone because that everyone just wants to go back to a different lifestyle, ”Roethling said.

The Spectacular Holiday Blooms exhibition will take place every December evening in the garden. It’s free for those 17 and under and $ 5 for adults.



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