How to earn more coins in the early game


Upgrading character shops and stalls in the valley gives you certain advantages, but is it really the same with Remy’s Restaurant? Upgrading other characters’ shops will unlock new items for you, but what if you upgrade Remy’s restaurant?

In this guide, we’ll tell you what happens if you fully upgrade Remy’s Restaurant and if it’s even worth fully upgrading the restaurant.

Upgrade Remy’s Restaurant

In order to upgrade any store or stall, you will need to interact with Scrooge’s Sign which will be outside the stores or to the side of the stalls. The same panel will also be on the outside of your home to enhance your home. So, by upgrading shops, you will unlock certain items that you can use for quests or for your own good, which is worth your investment. Remy’s Restaurant has two levels of upgrades and the 1st level of the upgrade costs 10,000 Star Coins, which is a big sum for new players to the game who just unlocked Remy.

By upgrading the 1st level, you will only see a few more tables in the restaurant and the size of the restaurant will remain the same from the inside. However, the building is renovated from the outside but the interior of the restaurant remains the same. The 2nd and final tier of Remy’s Restaurant upgrade cost 25,000 Star Coins, which again is a lot of money. If you fully upgrade the restaurant you will see the restaurant building improve and expand from the outside and if you enter the restaurant you will see that again additional tables are added and the interior remains the same. There will be no more ingredients added to their kitchen counter from Remy and he will still sell the same four ingredients he was selling at his restaurant’s base level.

Is it worth upgrading Remy’s restaurant?

In our opinion, before upgrading Remy’s restaurant, upgrade your inventory, house, storage, etc. Then complete all of Remy’s main quests and friendship quests, then you can upgrade his restaurant because he’s not going to add or change ingredients. on the counter and it won’t give you any exclusive items to upgrade the restaurant that will help you.

You’ll only see more people come to his restaurant to eat, which is a good thing, but it doesn’t seem like a wise investment at the start of the game. So complete all the quests and earn Star Coins by doing the quests from other characters, then you can upgrade his restaurant.


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