How Plants Affect Human Health – 5 Major Benefits of Having Them Around



How we went from green jungles to concrete jungles is a long story, but we have never stopped loving plants. Plants come like a breath of fresh air, whether outdoors or indoors. Keeping houseplants is our way of staying in touch with nature. Studies show that there are several benefits of having plants in our home. So how do these plants affect human health? We spoke to Mr. Kapil V., Founder of Bonasila to try and get some of the most fascinating facts about plants. Here’s what he shared:

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1. Anti-stress

Studies have shown that people who spend time with plants every day live stress-free lives. This is mainly due to the calm and calming environment around the plants. Also indulging in gardening allows us to spend a little quality me time. Take care of the plants, water them or simply tell them about a very long day at work; there are endless ways we can engage with our houseplants. So when it comes to boosting our mood and feeling lighter; we know that the vegetable garden is our favorite place.

2. Improve air quality

When we are surrounded by plants, the air quality in such an environment improves automatically. It helps us to stay fresh and charged. Clean air quality also helps reduce occasional headaches. We can focus more effectively on our work and have a more productive day (or night). So these long nights of crushing delays can be made more bearable by having plants by our side.

3. Build a state of mind

To plant a tree is to believe that there will be a better future. Plants don’t just make us feel good, but they teach us a lot and help us develop a good growth mindset. When we see a plant growing every day, we see progress, we see growth. These little things can leave a deep impact on our subconscious. For all of us who are scrambling to reach great heights, plants can be the best source of inspiration.

4. Make spaces more lively

Plants are living things and their presence is felt. There are certain spaces we enter and feel a sudden surge of positive energy. This is because of the presence of natural elements such as sunlight, plants, etc. Plants make that difference. This is one reason why having indoor plants is always recommended to bring synergy into the house.

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5. Host plants

Plants make spaces more welcoming. Keeping plants at the entrances is like having someone to receive our guests or visitors on our behalf. While an empty door may seem ghostly, a door with plants looks much more welcoming.

So, now that we know a few benefits of plants; hope we can start by buying some plants at home? Well for beginners you can try using low maintenance plants that require less attention and as you go through this learning experience of growing plants you can try the varieties. the most complex.

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