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Home gardeners across Australia benefit from the high-quality, disease-free potato seeds Agronico grows in the fertile soil of Tasmania. Agronico CEO Robert Graham said the soil is ideal for growing healthy vegetables and Agronico produces excellent quality seeds which are now available to home gardeners. Diversifying its clientele in 2020, Agronico is entering the home gardening market. “We received a lot of inquiries from home gardeners through our website, so we decided to open some of our varieties for sale online in this market and it turned out to be a very popular decision,” Mr. Graham. “In 2020 we had over 700 orders and 2021 saw those sales double.” We came up with 10 interesting varieties and varieties like Purple Sapphire and Tassie’s old favorites including Kennebec and bestselling Pink Eye and Dutch Cream. “We found that there was a growing interest in growing vegetables at home,” he said. “Potatoes are great for beginners, they are very easy to grow, and you would be surprised at the many health benefits when you grow your own. While there are ideal times, gardeners in most states don’t have to be too picky when planting their crop, as they can plant most of the year, unless they are too picky. found in an area where there are frosts. grow, have bigger yields and taste amazing. “Despite the wet fall in 2020, we were able to harvest over 90% of our harvest, keep people working and open up to the domestic market. Fall 2021 was a much drier harvest, and we have all varieties available. “The current planting season has been difficult, frequent rains have delayed commercial planting of potatoes across eastern Australia and there is a forecast of a potato shortage next year. “This means a very difficult season for farmers, but will undoubtedly encourage home gardeners to grow their own potatoes,” he said. “We are happy to help home gardeners and market gardeners by providing them with good quality seeds. “We love this new market and our customers tell us they love growing their own potatoes, amazed at the yield they are getting,” he said. “Everyone benefits, one customer had so many potatoes that he donated 80 kilograms of his harvest for community lunches at his local church.” “It’s important to us to improve the lives of our customers,” Graham said. Agronico has grown from an agricultural consultancy firm working with individual farmers to one of Australia’s largest seed potato producers, now counting home gardeners among their client group.




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