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STOCKBRIDGE – Reconstruction of the 1931 Larrywaug Bridge on Route 183 (Interlaken Road) in Stockbridge, a key link between that town and downtown Lenox, has been delayed by this month’s onslaught of torrential downpours and severe thunderstorms, said city administrator Michael Canales.

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STOCKBRIDGE – Work is expected to resume this spring to restore a failed 90-year-old bridge on Route 183 that has been closed for almost a year …

Due to recent storms, the water level in Larrywaug Creek was too high, so the work of JH Maxymillian, the new contractor on the project, had to be suspended for 11 working days so far this month, including Monday, Canales told The Eagle. There is about a month of work left in the creek bed.

The $ 2.6 million project, conceived over six years ago, required major detours affecting traffic to and from Tanglewood, Berkshire County Day School, Yoga Center and Kripalu health and residences in the Interlaken district, among other destinations. The target date for completion is now November or December, Canales said. The original deadline was October 31.

Work resumed to replace the structurally failing bridge last spring, which had been closed since June 2020. The project involving the span just north of the Berkshire Botanical Garden at the intersection of Route 183 and Route 102 had been set back and had to be renewed following a partial reconstruction after problems developed with a previous contractor, fueling an upheaval in the direction of the city’s highway department.

The project is funded by a combination of $ 1.5 million in state grants, a 20-year municipal bond and a $ 200,000 transfer from stabilization reserves. Last month, voters at the annual municipal meeting approved an additional $ 135,000 to cover unforeseen costs that could affect construction.

A series of annual state Department of Transportation inspections had described serious deficiencies affecting the Larrywaug Creek bridge. In May 2016, state inspectors deemed the bridge “in danger of imminent failure,” rating it only 3 on a 10-point scale, meaning it was on the verge of being closed by the state.

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