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Last week on Super girl, Nyxly took control of the Totem of Courage, passing the gauntlet to it while Supergirl failed. This means that the next totem pole was full steam ahead as Supergirl and the Super Friends tried to find a way to stop the Fifth Dimensional Imp – and while Supergirl remained shaken at apparently not having been brave enough.

This week, Nyxly gets her hands on a totem pole before Supergirl can intervene, but it creates a lot of chaos in National City, leaving the Super Friends to scramble for how to protect the city and stop Nyxly at the same time. Need to keep up to date with the events of this week’s episode of Supergirl, “Magical Thinking”? We’ve got you covered with our recap below, but be warned: there are plenty of spoilers beyond this point.

The next totem pole

It’s game night at Kara’s with everyone playing Jenga while waiting for Kara to arrive. She’s been fighting ever since she lost the totem pole to Nyxly. Lena suggests that she might have something useful in her mother’s spellbook and Nia tells her that it looks a lot like magic and that her dream powers are similar. Kara then tells Lena that William is going to be integrated into the Super Friends. Kelly also informs the team that she has a date to watch one of the foster children and Kara laughs uncontrollably because Nyxly is happy. Turns out there is another totem pole in National City.

Kelly checks in on Esme with her new foster family and everything is going well. Esme makes him a special bracelet.

J’onn brings William to the Tower and starts showing him around. They tell him the ground rules: don’t reveal the location of the tower, don’t reveal identities or try to uncover them, tell stories before ranking them. Nyxly’s ship then appears above the city. It turns out that the totem pole is absurdly easy to obtain. Nyxly just takes it from a fighter in a match and claims it, but when Supergirl shows up, Nyxly pours out some kind of energy causing everyone to start fighting. It made people depraved.

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Totem problem

The totem pole is humanity and Nyxly’s activation impacted a few hundred, making them happy to hurt themselves and wreak havoc. Lena thinks she has found a spell in her mother’s book that will allow them to follow her. William asks to speak to Supergirl. He wants to tell the audience what’s going on, report the situation with Nyxly. Supergirl wants him not to because Nyxly doesn’t know they have magic on their side too. She then flies off, hearing someone scream for help. However, Andrea is pressuring William to reveal everything now. She even hacked into her computer. She tells him to come back with what she wants or not at all.

Lena and Nia are working on Lena’s magic, specifically trying to make the spell work, but it seems to have backfired as Nia no longer knows her directions. Supergirl is suddenly overwhelmed by another of Nyxly’s feelings, compassion. On Mitch’s ship, Nyxly suddenly seems to have a ton of compassion for Mitch. She is excited, thinking that things could be very easy in the future. They have an idea of ​​where the next totem pole is, and it’s in the Netherlands.

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To put a spell on

William visits Lena and she explains what she is trying to do with her mother’s spellbook. He compares it to a family cookbook, but Lena explains that even following the directions, she still broke Dreamer. William tells him an anecdote about his own life and how he realized he was too technical when he tried to recreate his father’s recipes and when he started to trust himself, it was where things started to work. Lena finds out that she needs a specific ingredient for a spell that is in the Botanical Garden. Supergirl has to take her there and William says he will go too.

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Chaos in the national city

In National City, things continue to get out of hand. Esme is worried about it, but her adoptive mother tells her not to worry. As they make their way to their house, however, they are attacked by a man who can blow fire and Esme responds by sending fire back at him. This amazes her and her adoptive mother.

At the Botanical Garden, Lena gets what she needs while William and Supergirl protect her and other innocent people. In the Netherlands, Nyxly opts for the next totem pole. Lena’s spell is triggered just as Nyxly goes to kill the guard, forcing Nyxly to suddenly no longer be able to kill him, but also making a woman affected by National City depravity worse. Turns out the spell amplifies power rather than working like a beacon.

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Stop Nyxly

Nyxly begins to realize that the totem pole of humanity itself is the test and that she has all the compassion and empathy of those in the radius of the blast. Mitch suggests that there must be some way to get the Totem of Hope without hurting anyone so they can keep moving forward. Supergirl also experiences these feelings, so she is now aware of the unusual glove of the Totem of Humanity. Supergirl thinks that if they overwhelm Nyxly by using Lena’s spell again it would end it all, but Lena won’t because she considers triggering so much depravity to be wrong.

Lena tells Supergirl that Nyxly reminds her of Lex and that Supergirl will defeat her too. Lena refuses to cause pain with her magic or deception, so Supergirl’s plan just isn’t, but she succeeds. Lena will amplify the power of the totem pole and William will talk about it in full transparency.

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Restore humanity

Lena begins her spell and things definitely get worse in National City, but the Super Friends are working in the city to keep people safe. Nyxly is even more overwhelmed and tries to focus on getting the next totem pole, but struggles because she cares too much and returns to National City to restore people to their humanity. At Esme’s place, her adoptive mother keeps her locked up and insists that she protect the family with her fiery breathing despite the little girl not understanding it. Luckily, Guardian and Sentinel show up to save her.

Nyxly returns to National City and frees each other’s humanity. People return to normal, but Nyxly loses the totem pole. Supergirl retrieves the totem pole and Nyxly asks Mitch to get the ship out of there rather than deal with her. With enough particles to follow a totem pole, the Super Friends decide to follow the Dream Totem, as maybe Dreamer could help them.

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Guillaume takes a stand

At CatCo, Andrea is happy with William’s article but wants him to reveal personal information as well as the location of the tower. William says no and he will write the stories his way and if she doesn’t like him he can sell them to the Daily Planet.

Kelly goes to see Esme who is displaced from the foster family. The family doesn’t want her anymore now that they know she has powers. Esme doesn’t think she’ll ever have a real home. Kelly and Alex look at each other knowingly before taking Esme’s hand. In space, Mitch and Nyxly recover and plan their next move.




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