“Grounds” exhibition at the Boston Center for the Arts


January 1, 2022

Raafat Majzoub’s project will open at Mills Gallery

The exhibition by artist Raafat Majzoub, “Grounds”, will hold its opening reception and its conservation route at Boston Center for the Arts Jan. 19, 6 to 9 p.m. presents foundations for the validity of the artist’s fiction, and creates new foundations for shared realities to come. ”It will be on display at the Mills Gallery from January 15 to February 20.

Since 2012, Majzoub has been developing “an autobiography from another Arab world” entitled “Le Jardin Parfumé”. Excerpts from it have been published by movie, audio, visual, textual and as public facilities. The work is “an act of claiming power”, for Majzoub. Grounds will be inspired by the Perfumed Garden and will serve as an “invitation to reconsider the truth as multiple. To change. To commit. And to share. “

In a statement, Majzoub commented on his journey as an artist:

“I am critical of the way we use the terms reality and fiction. I don’t see them as opposites. Reality is a form of fiction that has been activated by power structures that benefit from it. Power structures decide this. that you think is real. My work of fiction is positioned in this process of creating reality. I am not only interested in the imaginary, but also in the reification of alternative possibilities. Writing becomes a form of architecture . And fiction can be seen as a tool for the collective creation of the world which is intimate, speculative and political. ”

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