Great Gardening: Thoughtful (and Practical) Gifts for Gardeners | Home & Garden



OK, so if you really want to wrap a physical, real gift, here is my list of opinions:

• Gardening tools are always popular, but buy only a premium brand. An exceptional pruner, trowel, spade, or knife is worth five cheap. Many new gardeners do not own a hoe – the best tool for removing weed seedlings.

• Gloves are good – again, quality gloves for summer or cold weather, the kind that fingers don’t bite on the first day of weeding. Several lines (Foxglove â„¢ among them) have long sleeves to protect the hands and arms from thorns or poison ivy. Often, basic gardeners do not own a pair.

• Wheelbarrows, carts, bags, buckets and baskets: gardeners rarely have enough.

• Garden Books – Again, serious books on the topic of interest can be greatly appreciated in the winter. Local bookstores can always order them for you.

A more difficult choice is a gift of garden art, decorations or accessories. It’s a matter of personal taste and style. Did he admire the work of a Buffalo Garden artist in particular during an exhibition? Did she start a collection of blue ceramic or copper pots? Is their theme still fairies or metallic bugs, or have they evolved? Basically, you can’t choose an angel, dog statue, or windmill unless you really know the person. Otherwise, she’ll just have to drag it around on every visit (which may not be as often as you would have hoped.)



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