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After a rocky start, the second major annual United Way of Jasper County raffle found its own path to success.

“I was very worried a week ago that we had not sold enough tickets to cover the cost of the prizes,” said UWJC Executive Director Jessica Lowe Vokes.

But luckily for United Way, after partnering with the Newton High School girls’ basketball team and stepping up their campaign, the organization was able to sell almost as many tickets and raise as much money as the last year.

“We sold over 800 tickets, which is just under what we sold in our raffle last year,” said Lowe Vokes.

The money collected during the raffle will be transferred to the Centraide general fund. This fund is used to finance several projects throughout the year, ranging from food aid and homelessness prevention to literacy programs.

“Times are tough right now. We are in the second year of the pandemic and it can be difficult to mobilize support from the community. But that support really helps us do our job and help the people who really need it, ”said Lowe Vokes.

The draw took place on the evening of December 21. Centraide presented 32 prizes valued at over $ 5,500.

The raffle winners and what they won are listed below:

Special kudos to Liz Dodd who won multiple awards (and had multiple tickets) including the $ 1,000 grand prize. Olive Garden and UW Hat – Mary Holmes; Amazon Gift Card and UW Hat – Ronnette Vondrak; Walkie-talkies – Sean Anthony; Dewalt Toolkit – Kimbra Korte; On 32 ″ soundbar – Brylee Magg; $ 50 Fareway Gift Card – Greg Woods; Rick’s BP Oil Change – Michelle Stalzer; Yeti Tumblers – Kathy Ellis; UWJC Hat and $ 50 – Liz Dodd; Film Capitol II for one year – Liz Dood; Wal-Mart Gift Card – Julie Smith; Gregg Young Oil Change and Tire Rotation – Amy Green; Gregg Young Oil Change and Tire Rotation – Pat Hyslope; JH Travel Certificate – Lonnie Portner; $ 100 Fareway Gift Card – Lucas Hughes; UWJC Hat and $ 100 Cash – Stacy Dhabalt; Kate Spade Bracelet – Brendan Lamont; Beats Headphones – Paula Arkema; for a year of Goldie – Liz Dodd; DeWalt Impact pilot – Catherine Ashton; Adventureland Passes – Chelsie May; Kate Spade Tote – Carrie Cibula; RTIC Cooler and Cups – Steve Terlouw; Ryobi Tools – Eric Smith; 17 inch Black Stone Griddle – Liz Dodd; Laptop – Evelyn George; $ 250 gift certificate from Katie Jane – Dan Poduska; Coach Millie Tote – Nathan Unsworth; Roku 43 ″ Smart TV – Travis Wesley; Yeti 35 Thunder Cooler – Graham Sullivan; Griddle, bag and tools in black stone – Doug Woods; and $ 1,000 CASH – Liz Dodd.

“This year has been great,” said Lowe Vokes. “It always feels good to play Santa this time of year.”

And in a twist usually only found in the more cheesy Christmas movies, Liz Dodd, the winner of this year’s $ 1,000 Big Cash Prize, donated the full amount to the United Way to help them. in their mission over the coming year.

“Liz bought a lot of tickets this year and she won a lot this year, so she just wanted to give back a little bit,” said Lowe Vokes. “We would love to have another raffle next Christmas, and we’ve already heard from people who are willing to donate items for it and many winners this year seemed excited about the possibility.”

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