Gardening: No-Digging Method to Get Rid of Weeds Explained by Ellen Mary



Weeds grow among your ornamentals and vegetables, competing with them for essential soil nutrients. Often times, people choose to dig up these weeds, but it can damage your garden according to some experts.

What is gardening without digging?

Gardening without digging involves not removing weeds by digging them up, but laying down a mulch.

This means that the weeds die under the organic matter and their useful nutrients are absorbed into the soil.

BBC Gardeners’ World presenter Mark Lane is also an advocate for mulching, explaining its benefits to

He said: “The best things for mulch are wood bark, homemade compost – if it’s really rotten – and something called leaf mold, which you make by collecting your own leaves in a box. to compost.

“Now the idea of ​​putting a thick layer of that is basically to stop the light in the soil, which means any other weeds that might still be in the soil can’t grow because they haven’t. of light they can get to. “

Some argue that the soil is disturbed by the pulling of weeds, as well as by the fauna living in the soil.

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Ellen said: “Usually my gardening method is no digging and that means every year I put a layer on my soil.

“I don’t dig into the ground, I just stack it.”

She stressed that the weeks are useful for the garden, calling some of them “brilliant”.

She said: “A nettle, of course, their flowers are really important for pollinators.

“Dandelions are actually essential, you can eat them and you can also make tea from them, which is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.”

Ellen kills weeds with mulch in areas where she grows vegetables and keeps space in her garden free to grow beneficial weeds.

Dandelions help neighboring plants by attracting pollinators to the garden, allowing your other plants to thrive.

Clover flowers, which grow among plants like cabbage and broccoli, do a similar job.

Besides edible weeds, others can help improve the garden for your plants.

Nightshade helps break up the soil, so the roots can grow deeper.

Mark Lane recently gave a slug killing tip involving cheap beer.

Discussing tips for eradicating pests from your garden, Mark said, “Slugs are really drawn to the yeast in beer, the sugar in it.”



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