Gardening Expert Shares Signs Your Herbs and Lettuce Leaves May Be Too ‘Bitter’ to Eat



Herbs are a great way to add flavor to your dishes and add wonderful colors and fragrant smells to your garden. They are also great for growing in shaded areas, with lettuce leaves. While a sunny garden is preferable at this time of year, not everyone is lucky enough to have a south-facing garden.

“Don’t feel like there is some sort of secret code – I know we are reluctant to read the instructions!”

Another reason that sometimes it’s better to have less sun is that some crops may start to flower.

Bolting is when they begin to flower before being harvested for the purpose of producing seeds and reproducing.

If your crops or herbs start to do this, they’ve “bolted”.

Jane explained further: “Sometimes it is beneficial to have less sun for these kinds of crops because what lettuce does, when it gets a little dry and a little stressed, and a little too hot in the open. sun, it does what is called “the soaring”.

“It happens to bloom and that’s when you don’t want to eat it because it gets very bitter.

“You want all those pretty young leaves before they sprout.

“Sometimes lettuce can be better in the shade because it won’t come up so quickly.

“This is also true for herbs. So things like cilantro and parsley will once again soar and bloom.

“The flowers are beautiful and you can harvest the seeds and the pollinators love the flowers, but if you want the leaves try to keep them from producing those flowers because that basically means the end of all those beautiful lush leaves.”

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