Garden Weeds: “Effective” Ways to Get Rid of “Noxious Weeds” in the Garden


Weeds can be a year-round problem, with annual weeds germinating in late spring. Fortunately, gardeners can try different methods to get rid of weeds and keep them from coming back, including aerating the garden soil.

Genna Lorraine, gardening expert at Fantastic Services, explained: “To manage weeds, mulch the soil.

“It blocks sunlight from weed seeds, inhibits their growth and helps retain moisture.”

March is the perfect time to mulch and it’s one of the best things gardeners can do for their garden in the spring.

The expert said: “Mowing the lawn can also be an effective deterrent.

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“You’ll want to keep an eye not only on the edges of your lawns, but also around posts and fences.

“Also watch for weeds near flower beds.”

Another effective way to get rid of “pesky weeds” is to aerate the soil.

Indeed, the majority of weeds grow and flower when the soil is compacted, which limits water and air.

This prevents nutrients from entering the soil.

To aerate the soil, gardeners can simply use a tool to poke holes in the soil, often using a plug aerator or spike aerator.

This work can also be done on lawns to help prevent waterlogging and allow nutrients to reach the soil after winter.

The expert continued, “If you have a lot of weeds that don’t respond to other methods, use a weed burner.

“It hooks up to a propane tank and burns weeds, removing them from the lawn for good.”


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