Flea reveals the unusual way her daughter used her Grammy


During recent maintenance after the Grammys, Chip admitted that he was “just not an awards guy,” and to prove his point, the Hot red peppers The bassist shared an anecdote of how he thought he misplaced his first golden gramophone only to find his daughter Clara was using it as a gardening tool.

“The Grammys are great,” he clarified before recalling the story, “but after we won our first Grammy, three years later, my mom said, ‘Michael, where’s your Grammy?’ , mum, I put it somewhere.'”

“Months later, my gardener came out of the backyard, into the garden, and you know how the Grammy looks like an old record player with the horn on it? My daughter had unscrewed it and used as a shovel for the garden,” he revealed. “He’d been down there in the dirt all winter. He’d been in the dust all winter and stuff.

RHCP won three Grammys (their first was Best Hard Rock Performance of 1993 for their hit “Give It Away”) and was nominated for 12. Flea confessed that he finds the albums themselves much more rewarding, and since RHCP just released their 12th studio album. last week, he was asked how he usually celebrates release day.

“I usually drop about six or seven shots of acid, get naked, do my whole body makeup with lipstick and run down the street screaming like crazy…” he said declared. “It’s not really a party, I do it every day.”


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