Develop community links at the Jardin du Peuple


At People’s Garden, we connect with the community. We sincerely believe in making a positive difference in the lives of people near them. After all, love and concern for others begins at “home”.

We choose to affect lives through our gardening expertise and by sharing garden produce in the Agape Distribution pantry. The garden has been around for eight years now and is functioning very well thanks to the service of volunteers. Hundreds of working hours per year are devoted to the maintenance of more than 50 flower beds and the surrounding grassy area.

You can affect our community in a positive way by joining this effort. If you have an hour a week that you can devote to helping The People’s Garden, I guarantee you will feel closer to the people in this community and know that what you are doing is helping the people who really need it. know that they are loved.

I remember one time when I took turnip greens to the pantry and there was a nice lady in her wheelchair with her caregiver choosing food to take home. I asked her if she would like turnip greens and she looked at me and smiled gratefully and said a big “yes, please”. She was blessed that day. That’s what we’re here for, to bless others.

We are also interested in helping others learn how to grow some of their own food. Fourteen flower beds have been managed by “tenants” this season who decided what they wanted to grow. Tenants are encouraged to do whatever they want with their crops: eat, share, or donate. All seeds and sometimes plants are provided to them, and they have access to tools, water and fencing material, with the help of the facilitators if they wish. There are many grateful words about being in the garden, and many words like “peaceful”, “pleasant” and “I adore” are heard. Not only do people work productively with soil and plants, they appreciate birds, the beauty of nature, and even get to know creatures and insects. As a master gardener, I can help you with all aspects of gardening. Ask me a question and I will answer it. The Master Gardeners operate a hotline at the OSU Extension on Fair Road, and we are happy to assist you with any kind of gardening, flower, garden, lawn, insect or disease issue.

The free monthly classes at the Jardin du Peuple will continue throughout the year, even in winter. We have a nice facility for running classes with heating and air conditioning, coffee and snacks. In September, we held the course at the library just to see if that was an option for us. This month’s free class, and all the others, will be held in the garden of our Learning Center on October 14 from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm Join us and have fun learning gardening . You are welcome to bring children if you wish. We are teachers and will have a children’s activity for them. In the future, we also plan to present other topics, such as crafts, music and art. We really try to be a community activity. Your suggestions and questions are welcome.

If you have your own garden at home, here are some tips to keep enjoying fresh vegetables even in late fall:

• Decide what you like to eat.

• Prepare your garden space by weeding weeds and testing your soil if you choose to do so. Soil test kits are available at the OSU extension office on Fair Road in Sidney. You can also borrow a basic sample tool and receive a kit to send in your sample. The kits cost $ 11, and around $ 3 to $ 4 to send it.

• Gather your seeds and plants. Know your hardiness zone and when your crops should be planted and when they will mature by reading the backs of packages.

• Protect your garden from pests with fences, row covers, chicken screens, mobile sprinklers, etc. before planting. Protect from freezing using row covers, cold frames or other protection. A lot of information is available online or from us in the garden. Find your topics in the search and add “” after. You will get professional information about the master gardener.

• Water about 2.5 cm per week, not too much but water regularly.

• Your garden will thrive if you watch it, check for bugs and keep it free of weeds by pulling them out as they appear.

• Come visit the People’s Garden located behind Agape Distribution at the corner of Brooklyn and Court. You can get ideas by visiting other gardens. We are visiting other community gardens!

• Remember: “Relax, things want to grow! And many times crops do better in the fall due to fewer pests such as bean beetles and Japanese beetles.

Some cool weather crops are radishes, kale, turnips, broccoli, spinach, collard greens, Swiss chard, arugula. We’ve planted most of them in the past three weeks, and some of them are up and growing. The first scheduled frost date for our hardiness zone here in our area is October 11 this year. Try to plan in such a way that you get sufficient growth and protect your plants from frost. Try fall gardening and you will be happy with the results. It’s so satisfying knowing that you can harvest foods that you love to eat and share with others.

I have one of my favorite recipes to try with vegetables from the garden.

The writer is a master gardener and coordinator of People’s Garden. Contact her at 937-726-9525.


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