Community members hold candlelight vigil in remembrance of murdered young couple, 4 arrested after road rage shootout in Garden City, DPD program receives $ 240,000 boost from federal grant



Community members hold candlelight vigil in remembrance of murdered young couple

Community members gathered on Friday night to honor a young couple who were shot dead at a Detroit subway gas station in front of their 9-month-old son on Monday, October 18.

Marshae Nash and Benson Lindsey were murdered at a Marathon gas station in the western part of town. Police said the child was in the car when the two were shot dead.

The Friday night candlelight vigil was attended by family, friends and former classmates of the couple. It took place in the same neighborhood where the mother grew up.

“She was a wonderful spirit and once again the outpouring of love that is here will continue. And we just ask everyone to continue to give love and support to this wonderful family. And again just raise her name Marshae and the class of 2018 and her school family here will not forget, ”said Rod Atkins, the mother’s former principal during his speech at the event. .

Two people have been arrested in connection with the couple’s death. To date, no one has been charged.

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4 arrested after road rage shooting, crash in Garden City

Two cars involved in a road rage race and exchanging gunfire crashed into Middlebelt Road and Marquette Street in Garden City, colliding with an innocent passerby in a Jeep.

After the accident, those involved fled.

“From what I understood, four people were on foot, four children were running all armed,” said neighbor Scott Breen.

Police and schools in Garden City have quarantined two nearby elementary schools, Lathers and Memorial. Many parents were already lining up for pickup when the lockdown went into effect.

“I was already at school when I got the message that the school was on lockdown,” Stacy St Aubin said.

She and other parents waited about 40 minutes for the school to lift the lockdown.

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Police said four suspects were in custody and they were looking for a fifth person. No one was injured by the gunfire, but a few injuries were reported as a result of the crash.

Detroit Police Crisis Response Program Receives $ 240,000 Federal Grant

More than $ 240,000 from a Community Policing Development Grant will help Detroit Police.

This federal funding comes from the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) of the US Department of Justice.

“Chef White has been working with this for so long. He’s very committed to this, ”said Tonya Leonard-Gilbert, Detroit Police Captain.

Leonard-Gilbert said Chief James White was focusing on mental health. That’s why it supports all Detroit police officers participating in the Crisis Response Team program.

This is a 40 hour block of training and partnership with the Detroit-Wayne Integrated Health Network.

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“They are trained specifically on the Crisis Intervention Team, a training that focuses on people in crisis with a connection to mental health. So that they are better equipped to go out and recognize, address and hopefully resolve those who are calling members of our community, who fall into this criteria, ”said Captain Leonard-Gilbert. “Many of the members who are now serving in this capacity, who have taken the training, are very enthusiastic. That gives us an extra tool, if you will, in our tool belt.

Weather forecast: Cool Saturday with a few drops of rain 🌧️

Weather forecast for Saturday 23 October 2021 (WDIV-TV)

COVID in Michigan ??

Michigan reported 7,505 new COVID-19 cases and 118 virus-related deaths on Friday, an average of 3,752.5 cases in the past two days.

Friday’s update brings the total number of confirmed COVID cases in Michigan to 1,104,634, including 21,862 deaths. Those numbers are up from 1,097,129 cases and 21,744 deaths as of Wednesday.

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The deaths announced on Friday include 69 identified during a review of vital records.

Testing has grown to around 30,000 diagnostic tests reported per day on average, with the 7-day positive rate at 11.52% Wednesday, a slight increase from last week. Hospitalizations have been increasing for several weeks.

The state’s 7-day moving average for daily cases was 3 301 Friday – highest since early May. The 7-day average death was 44 Friday. The state’s death rate is 2.0%. The State also reports “active cases”, which have been listed in 120,200 Friday – the highest since May.

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Michigan reported more … than 10 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine administered as of Monday, with 68.4% of 16+ residents have received at least one dose during 60.1% of 16+ residents are considered fully vaccinated.

Michigan COVID: Here’s what to know 23 October 2021

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