CAROLINE CAMERON: Celebrating the joys and benefits of gardening


Launching on March 20, the first day of spring, is “The Year of the Garden” in Canada. The Canadian Garden Council makes this proclamation on the centennial of the founding of the Canadian Landscape Nurseries Association.

While I thought this centenary might not be a big event on everyone’s calendar, I appreciate that it’s not just fun to celebrate gardening, it’s important to take a step back and recognize how important public and private gardens have been for us. This includes their many values ​​in urban spaces, our own backyards, and especially the tremendous support and relief that gardens have brought to many people during the COVID pandemic.

Accordingly, “Garden Days” will be celebrated from June 11 to 19 and National Garden Day on June 18. It will be an opportunity to celebrate our gardening heritage, the present and our plans for the future. Local gardening groups and municipalities are encouraged to organize events to join in the celebrations. Watch their reviews and consider yourself a guest.

If you are new to gardening, connecting with your local garden club by attending and/or helping organize these events will be a great way to engage with a group of local gardeners who know where to find the best plants and offers. .

Most importantly, as the Canadian Garden Council points out, it will support your interest in an activity that can continue after COVID, that improves your health and quality of life, with additional environmental, economic and cultural benefits.

If you’re not near a group or don’t like to make a fuss, the Garden Council suggests that you can bring your own sense of the garden party to the garden every day. Gardeners are encouraged to participate by planting red flowers to celebrate our Canadian pride. They also suggest that we can register our garden as a 2022 celebration garden, celebrate our municipal proclamation, and celebrate our garden heroes. Watch for more information on the day of proclamation.

Also coming March 11-20, another occasion worth noting is the Great Grow Along. Hopefully this is the last virtual gardening event of the pandemic. It’s a 10-day festival that encourages us to “be passionate about plants”. Free registration makes it easy to consult their offer of more than 40 hours of sessions, themed according to the days, such as Small Space Saturday, Sustainability Sunday, Make it Monday, etc.

The Great Grow Along features five virtual garden tours, many featured speakers and you can register at You will find the agenda classified by day and many photos of young “trendy” speakers. There is little information about the host organization, but a lot of sponsors, so I think it is a promotions-oriented event, and I hope there will be a lot of inspirational substances as well .

As gardening season approaches, these events provide a chance to connect with other gardeners to support our interests and add to our learning.

Happy garden parties!

Caroline Cameron lives in Strahlorne, Inverness County. She offers gardening and guiding services around Cape Breton Island. She welcomes your comments and questions about gardening at [email protected] and on Facebook at Nature/Nurture Gardening & Hiking.


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